Coming from asia it didnt stick to the european SUN, except maybe Jearen...

It looked nice, it had tons of cool ideas. But you had to be religious, cause without worshipping the Gods of Random Number Generating - or bribe them - you would not get far. Still, if you gonna ask someone who had played the game, how many thunderstrucked logs he had gotten back than, you may see a smile or a frantic facial expression. ArcheAge was another example what happens if a good concept gets executed half-hearted. With tons of hackers and botters ruining the real estate game early on, locking a good chunk of players out of an integral part of the game, didnt help ArcheAge to thrive.

Still, a good handful of SUNs did shine for quite a while, holding its ground. Some drama included. But than the high hoped star faded into the darkness of digital contaminated sites.

Dead Game