SUN News

A view from the roadside It is past 22:00. There is still light in the basement, where both of our computers reside in our "office" room. At a time,
As part of Season 6 and the new players coming in, Sun will create a community project that you might have an interest in supporting: We will
Hi all, A few pieces of info. First of all ill remind everyone that we are between seasons, with one week to lancelot and two weeks to season2 start
Thank you for a great Season end event. Still have to Sum up the won gvg's and do the payouts, but the season end events are done, thanks for that. (
Season end events: The following things will be in effect from Server up Friday 23d, to Serverdown Friday March 1st. Gatherers: Gatherers are free to
We have now optained the number 2 spot on the Season1 ranking list. We have done this without an alliance, and what a epic achievement this is. The
Gents, we are on the brink of a legendary achievement. This is typically also where it can start getting a bit tough, so hang in there. We have the
Money guild have now joined the fight against Sun in anglia, so this technically marks the most succesfull season achievement made. Every large
Dear Sun's, When engaged in anything that matters,  Jobs, personal life or gaming - there is always some form of goal,   and on the road to the goal
Sun fight night, Tuesday 30 jan 19.30 utc. 5v5 engage tourney, main purpose is trainig and fun - but there will also be a winner and rewards. Format
Great job to the teams winning our home back during the last days. Fleet has shown their hand now and attscked us for the third time since they moved
Morning everyone, We have been a bit quiet lately,  as we had to work on some infrastructure stuff related to gvg teams.    We was entering a route
The reset we went for territories in two continents, and i have done some evaluation on the actions and results. The strategy was designed for our
Tuesday fight night coming up. We got a crazy amount of sieges meaning we can start reclaiming our land around corpsewash. Success tomorrow will
First of all,  congratulations of being part of writing Albion History. We are the only non alliance guild in top 10,  and its a huge effort done by
Happy new year everyone. Its been a pure please leading this guild in albion,  and what we have created together with Lads and Virtue joining our
Weewee leading the pvp fame this week.  Top 8 will receive a t4 relic artifact of choice when week is over - Number 1 will receive 2. Good run today
So we got sieged massively today by our russian "friends". We will obviously pay back in kind when possible,  but for now it would be good if we
Good going guys,  keeping on 6th place not so far from overlords,  where its mainly a duel on the castles. Also several really good fights last night
A drop in ranks,  though still close.  Overlords exploded in points as they still have the 2 castles in Anglia.  We will likely beat most guilds
Gents, the first Kay patch is out today, and it brings a big buff to castles. Basically Anglia castles gives 4 times more points (where Mercia gives
We have been a bit in limbo the last weeks,  as we basically have been contemplating on our next move as well as waiting for Kay as we know that is
Ladies, Gentlemen and Schlachter. August 1st sees the launch of the final beta for Albion Online, and we are doing our thing working on launch plans