About keeping eyes on the ball.

Dear Sun's,
When engaged in anything that matters,  Jobs, personal life or gaming - there is always some form of goal,   and on the road to the goal there are lures, traps and things that draw your attention.
Controlled diversions is fine,  but when straying to the side you must always have eyes on the ball.
When playing games like this,  the biggest diversions are pride and anger,  and those two together can sometimes succeed in removing your eyes too much from the goal.

As i sense some of these things happening,  ill write some lines to help all of you, as well as myself to keep the eyes on the ball.

When season1 started,  we were in a bad place.   The legendary SUN A team disbanded Xondox and Britney kept playing, but Malth, Adreena and Slinkee quit.
Everyone knew this was a monumental loss for Sun.   This to a degree that it was a main factor for Fleet for leaving us, because Sun was weak now.
Lads showed their true colors, as someone who sticks with you also when it looks bad.
In life as well as in gaming its worth knowing who sticks with you when things become tough, and who runs away.

It looked bad, but we have achieved so much since that those days seems like a distant past - except they are not.
You have been part of building one of the most succesfull guilds in Albion History.   As a solo guild we are the biggest land owners,  we have more good gvg teams than most , if not any alliances have combined.   We are the only solo guild in the game who competes - and who likely will hit crystal tier.
We have gotten a lot of really good people on board,   not just players - but the right players. We get the right players because they like what they see.  They like how we achieve things and the manner in which we do it - and they would like to be part of that journey.(edited)

Our goal for the season was the (at that point) insanely ambitious goal of getting to the top tier as a solo guild, and if possible - get into the top 10 guildrank in the game.
This seems easy now.  But for those remembers back to the days after our A team quit, and Fleet decided to leave us - then what we and YOU have done is simply amazing.

We WILL be a top 10 guild and we might even end in top 5 crazy as it sounds,  and we WILL reach crystal rank as solo, nonallied guild - as the first and most likely only guild in Albion to ever do this.(edited)

And then what about pride and anger.

When pursuing a goal, there is always distractions - and when things are on track in relation to the guild goal, then the distractions can grow like a tumor making you start thinking that the distraction itself is the goal.

Some of our Distractions:

Conflict beat us with their zerg on invasion day, and we had a tough loss of basilisks which nomatter what we say - did hurt our pride.  It made us question ourselves opening up for prides best friend anger. We become aggresive towards raidleaders, demanding more numbers , wanting allies now and generally losing our eyes on the goal.

So what is conflict?.
Conflict is a guild roughly our size,  with a 1000 man alliance in their back.   Their main goal, and thus the goal of a whole alliance is to make Conflict end above us in the rankings.
By any definition,  that is the biggest pat on the back a guild like ours can get.
A whole alliance, whos goal is to have one of their guilds havem ore points than us?.  Points they get from non stop zerging down castles.
They are a distraction,  and not standing between us and the goals.

The moment we reach our goal,  is often where you can have time to deal with distractions - so maybe it could be fun to make a effort to pass them on the rankings,  just to get back at them.   But its not important now, and lets not get blinded by the admitetedly hurt pride from invasion day.

Fleet is a guild we have a lot of history with,  and they let us down big time.  Pride and anger are in play for many,  but they are not in our way in terms of our goal.
for season 1,  we had our ambitious goals,  and Fleets goal and is to boost Money guild to the number 1 spot.
Lets take that again.(edited)

Fleets goal with their whole of season 1,  is to boost money guild to the number 1 spot.
Imagine sitting some months from now looking back at season 1,  and what you achieved and how different the stories of Fleet and Sun are.
I dont get them,  and i am still really dissapointed they abandoned us when things looked bad.
On top of that they are attacking us,  and one of their teams also consistently beats us.

Like it or not,  this is actually one of the better things to happen, as long as we dont react with pride and anger.
The pride part is a challenge, because fighting fleet and losing feels a bit like meeting your own guild in a hg and then lose.  You say GF,  but your pride is hurt, and you can become angry.

Letting anger take root would be lashing back.  It could be going to mercia to secure Exertion the number 1 spot  - but they have done nothing that really would change our priorities.  We reach our goal in 2 days,  and could give exertion 30 territories and gg to oops.   That would be the anger play.

I beleive that the right play is different.   Fleet is a good guild, with good players and a leader i respect.  In my eyes their whole season 1 is a massive failure.  They went to Mercia and became slaves, and now on their third month running their sole purpose is boosting Money guild to the number 1 Zerg spot.  Its money guilds show, and Derrick is being amazing again. Fleet could have been so much more, and hopefully will some day again but their season 1 is just one big fail.
And they are obviously bored,  so they start sieging in royal lands and now in anglia against us.
Them fighting us is a good thing, because they are currently beating us.
Losing a gvg to fleet is tough,  both for our self understanding,  but definatly also the pride.
However it is also something really effective to make us stronger. Losing fights to Fleet can make you give up or put up,  and all i see is people wanting to use the experience to improve.   Fleets attacks will make us better,  because we lose.    If we won them it would be annoying they attacked,  but when we lose its because we are not good enough - so lets move to get good enough once more.

Fleet has no goal besides boosting moneyguild,  and no strategy - which makes them unworthy as enemies.  The only way to lash back at them is to attack money guild in Mercia, and thats not supporting our own goals.
Some day Fleet will get goals, and then we can decide if we want to interfere with that,  but a guild without a purpose cannot win anything, and they cannot really be fought either - so they are a distraction,  but one we can use to improve our gvg teams.

So whats next.
Keep your eyes on the ball.
Lets get the Crystal Rank, and then consider if we should ride the ambition to aim for the third spot in the rankings,  or if we want to deal with some of the distractions by either going against conflict or helping Exertion beat oops,  or something else.

And then we look on the next ambitious goal for Sun for season 2,  but for now we keep our eyes on the ball and we dont give in to pride and anger to take us of course or create internal diversions.

We are going to be the first and probably only Solo guild to reach Crystal Tier, and be in top5 of the top guilds(edited)

in a game where our 4 competitors range between 3 and 10 times our numbers.

What an achievement.

Lets get to the goalline, and then we decide on which distraction we want to turn our eyes towards.
And then we are very close to season 2,  with a new content patch and tons of new goodies - as well as a new goal and strategy for this fine guild.
Its good that we dont like to lose fights,  because that is what must drive us to become better -  But do not forget that we might lose the occasional fight,  but we are the ones winning the war.

And now, with your eyes back on the ball - lets get to it !.

Frank Sinatra
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