Albion Online - Headstart

Rumors of lewd behaviour

In early autumn 2017 it is told, that all of those curiosities took place. Carefully planned and carefully hidden from public eyes - indescribably sneaky - so well, that even many members of the Guild of Sun, didn`t know that their fellow guildmates soon would start to get rid of their clothes to run around like mad man in the seasons. And last but not least, that they would do it for money! Only due to tenacious investigative tricks it was possible to get a handful of informations, while the cremè de la cremè of Sun’s officers temporarily moved their headquarters from Copenhagen, Denmark to an unimportant and unspeakable town in Germany, where Daze gave them shelter for the head start phase of Albion Online.
Rumors claim, that high promises of uncountable wealth in jewellery and holiday trips had been involved, to bribe his loved one, to make the German outpost of Albion Online gaming magnificences possible. Unfortunately Daze’s funds were not capable of covering more than one week timespan, before he ran out of bribery.
Non the less, it was enough time for Desaya to cook a Texas Jailhouse chilli, so delicious and so strong, that it would have revealed the true soul and intention of even the most taciturn creature. At the end of the day, Frank could not resist to tell, how even he himself had completely undressed to do his duty in the name of SUN and run from NPC-Camp to NPC-Camp in his dedicated zone, to ninja loot the NPC’s priced lootchests, while whistling an artless tune. Further investigations revealed that the famed pvp guild must have had accommodated huge amounts of ingame currency in only a couple of hours, with a coordinated but not less lewd manoeuvre of naked chest ninja looting, to perform an excellent headstart for all those who should follow in the next games of the games very early stage. There are no screenshots yet revealed to prove the information but Albion Online must have seen more then 20 naked SUNs in its very early stage!

Non the less, it can be stated very clearly, that SUN had a start so good, that it even disturbed people. Questioning, if the superior members of this nefarious guild were so good, that they even could play with natures very basic law of time (you may encounter the truth by clicking on the screenshot above).


We need more carrots!

People that had been checking the state of affairs on site claim, that all PCs were idle most of the time - only showing the character selection screen - due to the Albion Online Servers being offline. And several SUN members, later being identified as Doctor, Frank Sinatra and Daze, had been seen most of the time outside the house, smoking cigarettes. But it all may have been part of the play, to take SUN to an early success, without the world taking note of it. Streamed footage on a large Flatscreen was displayed now and then, already showing groups of guild members with flying colours, fighting for renown, fame and hard coins.
The early richness, the lewd behaviour had gifted, was good enough to claim several lots in the northwestern part of the City of Caerleon. Right away placing all kinds of shops and services, ranging from a chef over a precious mage tower up to a basic lumber mill, besides all sorts of other businesses to keep the cashflow going. But as with all great endeavours, no matter if you want to go back in time to the muteny on the Bounty, because Captain Cook wanted all the deserts for himself, or even more back in time when the Israelis showed their Egyptian friends the finger, because they didn't want to share milk and honey. No food no business - a credo that counts to the virtual impressiveness of Albion Online’s capitol city too. And soon after all the shops were in place, the shock settled in, that SUN needed more carrots. Without enough carrots all this naked ninja looting and profound and skilled shop auctioning would have tumbled down the drain of history without any significance at all, as the shopkeepers were closer to rioting against their masters than one hair is next to another in the fur of a beaver. But hold your breath, the call for carrots was heard. Every single member, if the old - not any more capable of picking up arms - moved their rusty bones, bent their aching backs and day after day sowed, watered and harvested carrot after carrot. Not stopping until all the demands had been fulfilled to have a thriving capitol business. Another moment of gracious history for the fellow sisters and brothers of the notorious Player Killer Band of Online Gamers, where all their skills were needed to save the day.

From a foothold to world domination

Only days had vanished and the carefully plotted plan for a major hold in Albion’s capital city had come to place. suns stats on the 26th of november 2017The foundation to dare the leap into the Black Lands, were the true destiny was waiting. And boy did the foot of the SUN land on that continent. A zone, a settlement, an alliance and only a few weeks later, half of the continent of Anglia. But how can such a guild, so small in numbers, be that successful? We have to wait for personal statements of the protagonists, to ensure all the informations. But again rumours state, that there must have been two handful of l33t fighters, so good and so feared, that they day after day conquered, defended, sieged and claimed territory after territory. Mostly only being five of em, still strong enough to make their enemies pay tribute with their noses squeezed into dust. Whimpering names like Adreena, BritneySpears, Malth. Adding with brittle voice being beaten in combat by Xondox, Slinkee and other infamous combatants.

The world will change

37 members being online as this is written. A testament, to the unbending potential of the Guild of Sun. Eagerly awaiting, what will be next on the worlds plate to feast on. The gods will change the world following the mantra of “Kay” in the next days, with many things to come, changing the fate of all residents of Albion Online. SUN already is - and none of you would have expected less from such fine leadership - plotting the course of action to follow “Kay”. Will it be a total domination of all shops in Caerleon? Will Corpsewash Basin be abandoned due to its smell after being there for too long? Will it be a contest of arm wrestling with their fellow alliance brothers in arms, the restless “The Fleet” and the impeccable “Lads”? The chroniclers are sharpening their pens, that is for sure.

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