Amazing dominance allies

Thank you for a great Season end event. Still have to Sum up the won gvg's and do the payouts, but the season end events are done, thanks for that. (might have one more the coming week tho). Tomorrow after serverup, we will have a Alt guild allied so we can place alts there. We will also ally fricks, who are looking for a home, and envisioned to help ZVZ in particular, also with a couple good shotcallers. Been a while since we had allies - be nice, be polite, and bring issues to officers - i would appreciate that. We will see if it works out, and act accordingly - but give it a shot.

Thanks for a over the top amazing season 1. For the next week, take it easy (or not) before the patch, and then there will be 5 days of fun with the patch before season 2 hits, and we will see what all our enemies have cooked up to stop the dominance of our little fantastic guild. This season could not have gone better - thank you all.


Albion Online