Bridgelock - Some things must have happend in the last weeks

A view from the roadside

It is past 22:00. There is still light in the basement, where both of our computers reside in our "office" room. At a time, at which I mostly do creep down there solely, to lose myself in the digital aether. But there is Desaya, my wife. Still sitting infront of her two displays, presumably drinking her fith or sixth coffee of the day, still talking and writing to people. To loads of people. I hear rumors about two thousand people.

I grasp, that she is talking with officers of the Bridgelock Alliance about Discord channel management. Roles. Bots, that take over parts of the repetitive work that comes, when hundreds of new players want to be part of an endeavor in which a n00b friendly alliance, initated by old school hardcores and merry folk, that normally ride under the banner of the Guild Of Sun, comes to life.

I hear her sigh, when the third in a row has not yet read the FAQ and asks questions that otherwise would have been already answered. I hear her curse, when her last sneaky attempt to trick discord into doing what she wants the bots to do, to ease the governmental effort the management of a whole town comes with, failed.

And I see her eyes sparkle, when it works. When the coding magic does the trick and her Discord bot minions do to her pleasing to digitally fulfill the needs of the Bridgelock Citizens. I hear her laugh, when Skadi's cat again dropped her paws an her keyboard forcing her to type crap. And I see her smile, when someone said something nice and thanked her for her work.

What I dont see, is the success of the Bridgelock Initiative. I dont see the hundreds of happy players that get a kickstart by the initiative, which helps to organise groups for fame. Gives a hand in training them for GvG fights. Organizes successfull ZvZs while explaining to those not knowing better that combat looting is a failed concept in ZvZ. A whole lot of things that are happening, to give new players a home, channels to communicate, guidlines for orientation, purpose for personal satisfaction and a greater cause to play for.

Then I look at my own account that I did abbandon quite early in the game's history. Capable of tons of Learning Points. A great base to start again from. But observing the silhouette of my wife at her desk I say to myself. That it is her playground this time. I better go and chop some more kindling to fire up the heating so I can keep her warm, when she is up for way to long already. That is my duty I can do for the Bridgelock Initiative, and a better service than me playing Albion Online ;-)

Kudos to all who keep the show running!

Albion Online