End of Season 1 - Events

Season end events:
The following things will be in effect from Server up Friday 23d, to Serverdown Friday March 1st.

Gatherers are free to keep 100% of all unenchanted materials.  Get rich or die trying.

Open worlders:
Womack will be making a event that will be announced later,  and we might pick up on some of his cool ideas during the week.   In essense it will be about catching certain items in open world pvp - Like a lottery cupon of loot to fill.  Will be a lot of fun.

GVG teams:
GVG teams will receive a reward of 5 million silver for each won gvg in outlands (half in royals)
GVG  teams will receive a bonus of 40 Million silver if a city plot is won.

Last friday event, SUN giving back - Friday March 1st.
We will do a announced Ox race around Caerlon.
Everyone is to bring a OX and armor of their choice,  you will each be given 100 Siphon energy to hold in your inventory.
Your task is to ride around the red zones around Caerlon, and return to the guild island.
The event will be announced on forums and in global, so likely you wont survive,  but the event is as much for the players in other guild as ourselves as they will chase you for those 100 energy.
Should you make the roundtrip, the first 3 survivors will each receive 3 million silver.

Lets have some fun.


Albion Online