A few reflections

The reset we went for territories in two continents, and i have done some evaluation on the actions and results.
The strategy was designed for our power level but not our team diversity, and in essense that is the problem.
We have one group of 5 players, who can field 3 teams where the worst of those is better performing than all our other teams, and in essense our other teams cant compete unless the main team moves enemy attention.
While the later is a functioning strategy it also puts a insanely heavy toll on the 5 man group carrying us right now.
We have teams now, but they arent good enough - and what they really need is more experience.
We need to use the next weeks up to the next resets to get as many training sessions and gvgs into the other teams, as well as evsluations of improvements in each fight.
If we can lift the teams just 10%  it would be a whole other situation.

We will open up for attscking out of the farms and cities, and for a while we need more effort from everyone in the warcamps of southerfell and midge.
Our teams will lose in the start, so please help keeping the mood up, and the guild will also be funneling funds into the lost gear.
As a solo guild with many cities we are exceptionally agile which means that right now with the heavy russian presense “in our home”  moving a bit to elslither and ff in caladair fissure where we have full control might be a attractive thing to try if you are under a lot of presure.
We dont need to get the other teams fully up to our main team, but we need to be strong enough to beat anything except the A teams from our opponents.
Lessons has been learned from this reset as well,  and main focus right now is to the the “non a teams” one or two levels up in performance.
If we dont succeed on this we will create the same situation as before kay where the main team simply burned out because they were alone in carrying the weight.

Support our A team in the huge effort they put in,  help our other teams improve and lastly - prioritize souther fell and midgebite pacifys.
Interesting times,  lets go !!


Albion Online