GvG and Crystal Tier

Morning everyone,
We have been a bit quiet lately,  as we had to work on some infrastructure stuff related to gvg teams.    We was entering a route where we depended too much one on teams effort - simply because they were the best.
So instead of protecting everything we started letting other teams risk more land,  and combined with the holliday push from our neighbours it meant we have had a lot less territories.

Sometimes you need to secure the basics to expand,  and now we are pretty much there.   Lots more teams,  and teams actually doing gvg's - and this is a fantastic thing.  it takes a lot of losses to learn but we are doing it.
Now is the time we are striking back,  reclaiming the streets for the unfortunate infestation in our home and its going to be some interesting times ahead.

On the longer road there is a lot to look forward to.  After the reset we will see 4 weeks of double points,  where Sun must reach the crystal tier - which is 150.000 points.  We MUST get there.
After this comes season 2,  with new content and a new ambitious plan, hopefully a bit better than the last.  Nothing is sure yet of course,   but we should get a lot of guild qol features,  including the option to structure the guild as we see fit,  which will help a lot in terms of ranks and transparancy.
In addition we will be getting new artifact armors, just like we have seen with the weapons,  which will seriously open up even more variety and i cant wait to see the new skills.
And hopefully this time around the open worlders get what we hoped for with kay - the chance to make a hostile takeover on the mages in a enemy territory,  and that will open for a lot of cool stuff for open world,  tying open world and gvg teams even stronger together.

Three rules things to iron out

1. Guild provides free t8 gear for zvz.    This is a large cost, and a huge service to those participating. Dont abuse it,  dont use it for famefarm ,  keep it for the next zvz.   If you loot a guildie in t8 gear , its not yours to ff in,  its for you to put back on the guild island ah to ensure the next round will have Sun in t8 as well.

2. Guild provides free gvg gear for gvg teams.    The guild provides gear for the gvg teams,  and as you can imagine this is a gigantic cost most of the times.  When guild provides the gear, the loot in the gvg belongs to the guild,  basically to fund your next sets.  A huge amount of time is spend on restocking and making a service like no other for the gvg teams.
A team can opt out,  and fund their gear themselves,  and then they keep the loot - its optional 100%,   but if we pay your gear - the loot you get is used to fund your next sets by our quartermaster.

3. Gathering.
you keep 25% and guild gets 75% of tier 7 and tier 8. (Only applies to resources gathered inside our territory borders)(edited)
In Corpsewash and its connected zones,  only enchanted t7 and t8 is gathered
In any other zone,  gather at any time.
I know we dont own the zones involved for enchants,  but i concider that a temporary thing, and rules apply still.
Welcome to the new faces,  its time to strike back.

/Frank Sinatra

PS: Last but not least.  We have a self assigning roles setup here, so if you give yourself the gvg role you will get access to the gvg channel where teams can be formed and established teams ask for subs when they miss people for a gvg.

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