Happy New Year Everyone

Happy new year everyone.
Its been a pure please leading this guild in albion,  and what we have created together with Lads and Virtue joining our ranks is simply amazing.    Celebrate like mad,  have fun - and when we wake up with a hangover tomorrow,   we are looking at awesome 18 where the first weekend will be territory reset and it will mark a very interesting new start.

Happy New Year Albion

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I look forward to life in Albion in your great company,  we have a great thing going here - lets nurture and grow it.
There are so many contributing to making this guild great,  so its impossible to name people.  But i hope that you know that you have managed to actually create a large, significant guild where everyone really contributes, and we win and lose together.  What a feeling.
Thank you all for being part of this,  and i cant wait to start 2018 with you guys.

Have a fantastic New year.

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