The Home stretch

Gents, we are on the brink of a legendary achievement. This is typically also where it can start getting a bit tough, so hang in there. We have the possibility of becoming number 2 in the Season ranking. We as a unallied guild, competing with large alliances, where the only guild above us represents a whole mercia alliance pooling all their territories onto a single guild to artificially boost thier points. The achievement we can make is insane, so hang in there and go for it, so we can make a result noone can ever take from us. When we have achieved it we can take a breather and rebuild energy waiting for the patch. The last days up to season reset will see some people leaving, some coming and new alliances made for season 2.

We have been pushing hard , and im really impressed with the energy you guys are putting in, so get your favorite energy drink and push on for the insane possibility to get the second spot. For all those with fixed gvg teams, i ask you to take a screenshot of your team in game, and send the link to me. Furthermore we will schedule some photo events for the guild, gatherers and open worlders to both have it for the Sun history books on and for making a good season1 video. Its within reach, and we can do it - so go and push it and secure this crazy achievement and then we take a week of rest :). You are amazing, now go and finish it ! /Frank Sinatra Youe Proud leader since 1873

Albion Online