The more danger, the more honor

Money guild have now joined the fight against Sun in anglia, so this technically marks the most succesfull season achievement made. Every large alliance left is now actively attscking Sun in anglia and that is a fantastic accomplishment by all of you. Imagine a conflict pvp game, where a single guild is such a factor thst even though it lives in the least attractive area, all the alliances choose to come there to fight that guild over fighting each other.

GVG - Most Attacks Won

We are the action creators, and we have won this season - congratulations. Last on the track is the ranking score, but its arguably hard to progress as literally everyone is gunning for us, but that of course shouldnt stop us from trying. Money guilds attack on us, also opens up for countering in mercia, as its great points there. Its not important by any means, but at least the front there is open now - not anything we will prioritise for now, but a option to force their teams back to carebearland. Every alliance against is a achievement for the record books - and a grea milestone in a long guild history. You guys rock(edited)

Albion Online