Number Two!

We have now optained the number 2 spot on the Season1 ranking list. We have done this without an alliance, and what a epic achievement this is. The guild placed above us represents a zerg alliance, who have been in Mercia since launch and who made all their allies hand over their territories to pool all points on one guild. A big thank you to everyone for what you have put into this.
Going into the season, having the Sun legendary A team quit we were and was considered weak. In fact noone really beleived in us, and even we doubted ourselves. We havent been as good at some things as we wanted to, and we had terrible resets all season, but still we made A giant achievement beyond our wildest imagination. Thank you to the loyal and dear members who have sticked through the good and bad times, thank you to all the new faces for becoming part of SUN and give your all for this achievement, with this crowd anything is possible.

A lot, and i mean a lot of work is going on in the background and these people cannot be appreciated enough. Xondox, Teangel and Desaya. What you are delivering is beyond explanation. Half A year ago i explained Desaya the difference between participaing and being. You can participate in a guild and you can be a guild. You are the core of Sun, and as a result i cannot thank you - because no words can fit. Dinwiddie (The sherif), lewpac (D’artagnan), Gaffinator (The night king), and Dwn (The Hand), your contributions as officers are second to none, thank you for all you do and the good discussions in the officer forum, i look forward to more good times - and maybe some bad times once in a while). Special shoutout to Lewpac and Skuzkabel (aka Billy the kid). Your gvg activity is off the roof, and your results likewise. You have played a significant role to Sun’s dominance, and i hope you know it. All the team captains and teams, thank you for your efforts, and your amazing achievements. To our gatherers for tending the games largest landownership, big task, important and tome consuming. And lastly to our open world pvp’ers. In many ways your efforts and successes in capturing gvg teams is already legendary and i cant wait to see this develop. For next season we will still have tons of gvg’s, we will have even more open world - and maybe an ally or two to enable us in doing more competetive zvz. But first we celebrate, and we will have a SUN season end event going for one week from serverup Friday to serverdown next friday. The details will be posted tonight, but first i want you all to celebrate yourself - you deserve it.


Albion Online