Recap of Invasionday and more

First of all,  congratulations of being part of writing Albion History.
We are the only non alliance guild in top 10,  and its a huge effort done by many of you.

We have no plans to slow that down,  and i can also feel a sense of pride in what we are accomplishing here.     Having 65 online Saturday was a guild record,  and hats off to you all.
In terms of strategy,  Anglia is our present home, as you also see in our manifestations there, and more to come the next days.
Cumbria is about opportunity and new challenges,  and especially new people to face for our gvg teams - and moving homes is simply super difficult for many reasons,  and in particular taking the space.
So we are testing that out,  while keeping the core base which is centered around corpsewash.   Might be difficult to see at this moment,  but we all know that these guys have the territories on a loaner basis,  and our raid teams make sure they dont benefit much from it.
As for corpse,  then we are back to fighting for it - which means we recommend making a bit large groups,  and that more help fights opponents there.     Its like rats.  If there is food, they will keep coming back for more - until you kill them all, several times.
As for the invasion day we did some epic things, had some great fights,  and against huge numbers.  We could do better but its also important that we actually are doing better.

We had challenges in both livetimers because people were streaming,  which honestly was not so great.   We never said it specifically as we simply took it for granted,  but we do not stream invasion day,  IF you would like to stream at specific guild events in general (incl invasions)  coordinate it with a officer.
Once we are going and fighting we can always work something out,  but streaming our position,  our choice to use dragons, and even our tactics in discord was streamed and shared with our opponents - lets not do that again.
For both events we changed tactics and targets due to this,  and that kinda sucks.

Now we come to the meat of the matter.  Fighting for territories.   Remember that we have gvg channels for people who would like to get into gvg's and territory raids will soon give more rewards and interesting thing in the upcoming patches as well.

Lets continue our already impressive journey of being the strongest independent and (almost) drama free guild in the game.

Ill be back Thursday,  until then DWN has the keys to the castle.




Albion Online