Season 6 or The Bridgelock Initiative

As part of Season 6 and the new players coming in, Sun will create a community project that you might have an interest in supporting: We will transfer our Anglia plots to at new guild likely to be called "The bridgelock initiative". This will be a guild open to all members wanting to join, and it will also have a alliance that all guilds wanting to can join. The city plots will be set public, and crafting stations will be available to everyone.

We are creating a entry point for new players, providing outland bases for their exploration into the outland. We are also providing crafting stations and resource opportunities plus a travel route from bridgewatch to martlock just with 2 zones travel (Midgebite to crake).

What is needed to make this happen:
We need people interested in Helping with the new guilds administration, keep the shops running, appoint people to tend the farms, Make a public discord and once in a while answer newbie questions there, and basically keep it running as long as there is interest. Its a very open structure so a minimum of rules if any.
Ideally this is done on alts, and not to timeconsuming.

We also need some gvg alts.
Anglia is still be best place for upcoming teams and alts to get some gvgs, so if you have a alt who can fight it would be great to keep it there and this especially goes to the GVG active players with alts.

This might and might not work, but from a vision standpoint we have the unique opportunity to bring something to the development of the game, and there might also be money to be made - who knows.
To the sceptics i will mention that "yes", there is a high propability that we lose the plots to other guilds, but right now the alternative is selling them off and that at a time where noone is buying, and i beleive that making such a initiative will be good for the game and might be fun for some of our members to do on alts.

As for SUN, then we are moving to Mercia - all in. That is why we are clearing towers. More on that later.
But first i need to establish a work group for the new player project, and if you are interested in helping then let me know and ill add you to the new player project discord channel.

Feel free to share ideas and thoughts on making this great. I want to spend some days to get this ironed our before we get more concrete on the more important thing of moving Sun to the endgame.


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