Short but important update

We have been a bit in limbo the last weeks,  as we basically have been contemplating on our next move as well as waiting for Kay as we know that is where we make am move.
In terms of planning and timing,  then i have been finishing a major milestone at work,  which is peaking these days,  which also means the next 4 days will be 4 times 15 hours at work,  but after that its back to normal , and plenty of time to plan and push.

Core goal is that we are simply going to move.   This means we will be fighting for foothold in a new place, and it will be tough and challenging,  but also where big things happen.
If we dont get a city,  we will live out of caerlon and claim and defend new territories with all we can.
We will also have the new point system for guilds, which is fantastic as now both gvg teams and open world fights and raids become central to guild success.
We will need some help in administrative tasks,  and in particular we need 2 gvg coordinators who will ensure good coordination in terms of planning which siege team goes where, we need 2 resource managers, who will handle the resources coming in, and then we need 2-3 open world leaders who will take the mantle to defend territories and take over enemy territories (the system will be different, in the sense that if we raid a territory,  then our rebel guards will spawn there, and we will now get points from that).

Update Kay coming on December 6.


There might be more exiting stuff in this,  but its all speculation at this point,  we will know with kay.
But be prepared to simply move, and we might miss half or all our anglia zones depending on how many siege teams we have.    And we need more teams,  so any teams forming is very welcome.
December will be a time of changing things,   and it might be not for everyone,  but i hope so.
We will be challenging, and trying to take foothold. This means pushing others out, and a lot of conflict,  but it also means more attractive zones,  way more enchants,  higher tier dungeons and all that jazz.
For now im pretty much gone until Friday,  and then we start planning in detail, and possibly take the first steps.   I dont do "all calls" often,  but we will have some of those in december, and expect everyone to help.
Exiting times ahead,   allthough leaving the comfort zone always opens up for failue - but thats really also where its most interesting.

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