SUN Castle Charhide


the first Kay patch is out today, and it brings a big buff to castles. Basically Anglia castles gives 4 times more points (where Mercia gives 2.5 times more), and we need in our minds to look at the Charhide castle as ours. We have to be smart, to avoid getting burned on the effort, as the effort of showing the world that the charhide castle belongs to Sun will be significant. For reference holding a castle 2 hours gives the same points as having a territory woth 4 mages up - for 10 hours.

Charhide Castle

We can take it slow tho, and simply start by triggering the guards, or killing guards to the 15 minutes spawn timer starts, and then just leave. Essentially we want them to assemple their raid group, over and over again - as charhide is a long run for them. So be annoying, and then once in a while we can go for the cap, but in the start - just make it a bother to own it. Holding the castle for 2 hours equals raiding and killing 40 mages, and just shows how important a castle is to reach our goal. With the patch, territory raiding also gives more sense. Dont kill yourself on running to fringe territories, but the corpsewash related territories makes a lot of sense to defend now. But start working on the charhide castle, making it hard to be the owners. So charhide castle, should henceforth be known as the Sun castle! When we get ownership of the castle, then having a fighting alt placed there would be a good idea.



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