SUN Fight Night

Sun fight night, Tuesday 30 jan 19.30 utc.

5v5 engage tourney, main purpose is trainig and fun - but there will also be a winner and rewards.

Two teams sign up for arenas and coordinate getting in at the same time.
If a teammembers goes back into the protective ring, the engage is lost, and if a teammember moves into the chokes to the north, engsge is lost.
We fight to the first team have won 7 engages,  gearswap between engages allowed.
No gearcap (the arenas softcap handles that well enough).

For each win: one random t4 siege artifact to each teammember (36 syphon energy each).
If a team loses the first round, they will fight another team that lost for additional training as well as a chance for win prize.

The main reason for this is to give teams some training, especially up and coming teams are encouraged to join and both fight the more experienced teams as well as getting constructive feedback.

I hope we will have fun fights, motivating more teams to fight, get training and feedback and of course that you will get good rolls on your artifacts after the event :).

Fight Club

For signing up:
Send me a pm with teamname, captain and roster of players.
In addition if your team would like someone to give feedback to your performance add that as well - (it requires one of your team to stream the fights).

If there are gvgs we prioritize those and the team rejoins later, and if you play on two teams we will try making ot work

Lets have some fun, and get good.


Albion Online