Take it easy in between and gear up

Hi all, A few pieces of info. First of all ill remind everyone that we are between seasons, with one week to lancelot and two weeks to season2 start. It is a very good time to take it a bit easy if anything in the game can stress you or if you are behind on reallife stuff. Dont prioritise Albion the next week, unless you are full of motivation. With season 2 we will likely see a world war against Oops (where poe probably joins oops). Its been brewing for a while, and i would prefer someone else did it, but its also clesr that if we dont then they will spend their time in our hometurf, So bringing the fights to them is necessary. I would prefer to keep it smallscale but i think the only solution is a real war , which is not really a lot of fun. We have done these things before, and its important that we REALLY want it before comitting, because in the end its not about winning single fights but about persistance. Its both very doable, but also very tough to do. It also requires massing a giant zerg and all that so it boils down to if we want it “enough”. Guild stuff: Our guilds biggest and most important asset is the “behind the scenes” organisational structure and work. Currently we are past s breaking point in what we can handle so we need to make a few changes. 1. We have to stop doing last minute gearing up of teams or players. Its massive work, impossible to plan and its killing us. The teams have gear in their chests, and if its not there or you bring in a standin who needs gear we cannot help. What you can do is bring him in, have him bring 3 sets, and we cover the lost afterwards ( as ling as it fits our gearing policy). We cant continue the 24 hour service thing, and this should solve it in a decent way. 2. We will make a channel where players losing gear will write what they lost. The task of constantly patrolling the guild island to see if a house has a chest with gear that needs replacing is not sustainable. So in the future if you lose gear

Then after the gvg you go to the channel and wrote like “Frank, house 2, need 2 sets”. Then we save a lot of time

And you get a emote in discord when its filled.

- Lastly we need 1-2 active quartermasters to assist teangel. Help her fill the gear chests when teams lose sets

We can build a big gear warehouse to take from, but we need help in adding to chests

Unfortunately we can only accept quartermasters who have been in Sun for a while.

- These initiatives are to ensure we can have a succesfull season2. Take it easy the next week, and then we are ready to rock once more.


Albion Online