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Ladies, Gentlemen and Schlachter.

August 1st sees the launch of the final beta for Albion Online, and we are doing our thing working on launch plans and guild strategy.

Its been 7 years since the last “real” full loot mmo was  launched, and as full loot pvp is the foundation of the guild it is obviously also the time to shine,   the time to stock up on keyboards so we can destroy a couple in anger,  and get the prenups signed of so we don’t lose the ownership of the pc when our spouses wants a divorce due to prioritizing the guild and the game highest.

Next year we will have our 20 years anniversary,  so we cannot hide that we are a lot older than when we were young and twitchy.     With age comes wisdom,  and we obviously argue that we can outsmart all the young hotshot guilds,  and at least survive or fully avoid the huge dramas our competition guilds will have.

So today we are a good mix of old gamers who still think we can be the shit when we want to,  but still smart enough to surround ourselves with some of the best players in the younger agegroups who can drive our wheelchairs making us look good.

So while we have a new generation of highly skilled players like Adreena, Slinkee, Fenix, Diana, Katsou,   Firestriker !, Malth and a few others,  then even the young are getting old and when a guy like Decay is now above 30 then its also time to let in a couple of new guys to carry the next round of wheelchairs.  So we will be opening for recruitment,  probably up to 10’ish guys.

Finding the right types for our play style and community is always hard, as we are more than just a gaming guild – but we also know that we prefer finding additions In the toughest games there are, so we know they can handle the pressure.

Our playstyle in Albion:

It’s a full loot pvp mmo,  and “Noblesse oblige”  ( Meaning: One must act in a fashion that conforms to one's position, and with the reputation that one has earned.)

In Darkfall we had long periods of time as the number one pvp conquest guild on the european server, and were enemies with pretty much everyone.    Due to game mechanics we however had to scale a lot, which isn’t really the preferred play style of most of us.

Albion doesn’t require this in the same regard, as pvp conquests are even teams,  typically 5v5 fights.

This opens up for our original and preferred way of playing, which is the old school PK mentality – and at this point this is our aim.

We will play the roaming Player killing role,  we will get as many fights we can to continuously improve,  and we will create the best smallscale teams on the server so we can both be the aggressive pk guild in open world, and be a top contender in the conquest based pvp.

We played a lot in the first beta, and got successful in the conquest part,  and were smart enough (for once) to quit before burning out.  This Is great because we are motivated,  but the downside is that we are behind the learning curve to our competition right now because they have been playing when we took a break.

The final beta that starts August 1st is where we need to catch up on all this.  You need to understand the mechanics,  you need to learn which skills and builds you go for at launch, and you need to get good in pvp.  We aim to go small but superbly strong, focusing on very strong small scale pvp groups more than rolling over the world with scale.   There will be major zergs around, and we need to learn to deal with this before launch.

If you have room in your budget, then upgrade to legendary founder pack,  as the launch day plan obviously centers on launch day – and we want to position ourselves right away and need people for that.  If you cannot afford it, but would like to contribute there will be some alt accounts with legendary status that you will be expected to play for day1.

Our more detailed visions and plans will be posted in the albion online forum,  and the actual launch day plans will as usual be kept secret until 15 minutes before launch.




We have moved our irc style chat and voicechat from Ts to Discord.   Check the info on that on our member forums.


Our site is old,  and if our forum was a horse it would have been shot many years ago, and its pretty much only alive due to Makeme and Travis doing constant CPR. Several people have volunteered to help on a new site, and thanks a lot for that.  

Daze have taken the mantle of getting us from A to B (See what I did there). EKS, Desaya and Chakan have offered to help as well and that’s just awesome. I smell competition for the community IT price this year.

We really need it, and its positive we start working on this now.

As there is a lot of work in this,  and there will be various related costs as we also might possible hire an artist,  we will be doing a funding round at some point in the near future asking everyone who can to chip in with what they can.   We wanna make a site that can carry us the next 10 years, with all kinds of modern wizardry embedded.

Back to Albion:

You are never better than your last game,  and for this genre Darkfall was our last game and we were the top dogs.   This game has important roles for everyone ranging from placing our flag on the open world pvp scene,  fly our playerkilling banners killing what walks and crawls,   dominating conquest pvp,  resource gathering,  artifact farming, logistics and transportation,  asset and city building, as well as crafting.

In Darkfall we started smart, but boring taking a month long investment before taking over the world, losing us to many friends dying of boredom.   This time around we aim to jump straight into the heart of action, and then regroup if we get bitchslapped by the zergs.

Its your duty to shake that booty, and bring what you have to offer on the table, so the SUN can shine once more and that everyone from the hotshot pvp guilds who are “oh so cool”, to the Russian megazergs will know that their world is dominated by the not so friendly guild of SUN. 

Its never easy to defend your Olympic gold medals,  but this is what we do – again, and again, and again….

We very much look forward to the ride,  and especially to see all of you in a game again building a new chapter in the legacy called SUN.


Yours forever,

Frank Sinatra
The Guild of SUN
Superior fighting since 1873

Albion Online