The Xmas Blackout

So we got sieged massively today by our russian "friends".
We will obviously pay back in kind when possible,  but for now it would be good if we could minimize losses. Pretty much everyone who normally arranges these things are out,  and we dont have a good overview of who is around. We would like to get the sieges filled we could,  but it can only really be on initiatives on those of you online. As south fell is a warcamp, that is the most optimal to not show for - but those playing today,  do what you can -  and if you dont have a team, then at least show with what you can as they might not really show with more than 1 either.

They are russians so they dont have xmas today, but their main team is locked out of all the sieges so we have no idea who will show - if any.
Any territory saved is a welcome christmas present :)

BlackOut gets Souther Fell on Xmas 2017

Remember what happened today, when we spend the energy required to show what happens when someone decides to hire 3 mercenary guilds to attack us on christmas eve. And remember those who helped them, as they need to pay as well.



Albion Online