Late to the show

Not a single tile of land! Beside the small public plots which were not really useful, if you really wanted to get into business. At the end of the day the real buck and a dime was made by trading local specialties over dangerous waters into the enemies country. And to be part of that show, you needed land. Not just eight tile per eight tile. No, no, no! Much more, if you really wanted to make it worth the effort. I already could see the shelves with piled cheese wheels at my fellow guild mates real estates. I could see them with their weird transporting machines - those that could only be crafted if you got your hands on one of those very scares thunderstruck logs. Slowly wiggling over bumpy paved stoneroads, down to the docks, onto their boats and of to foreign shores to make a good profit. All I could do, was running around, desperately, in search for a free land plot to start my own business.

How the heck could I have known, that Russian bot users grabbed all available land within the first days, and that the publisher of ArcheAge was too unexperienced or powerless, to establish any quick countermeasures. So all chances were down to scan all land plots and note, who would not be capable of finishing the building and gave up, or who simply claimed early but stopped playing right away, was on holiday or had fucked up anything else, to let his garden or house decay and up for me for the grab. Running around, hill up hill down. Being late to the show. ArcheAge, I will never forget you. Bitch!

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