Next Maingame: ArcheAge

It is not everyday that we announce a new maingame, and doing so is always backed with the building anticipation of going all in, knowing how fun it will be as well as the planning and determination it takes to be a top performing guild in a new game.

So what is ArcheAge?

ArcheAge is probably one of the hardest games to describe because it is such a ambitious game that it tries to cover pretty much all areas of interest in the MMO world. Alpha, Beta, Wut ? The first interesting parts is that this is a game that has already been released for 1+ year in Asia, and also released in Russia. This means that it is very polished, and the worst issues are ironed out which is a nice change to what we are used to. In Asia the level cap is higher and with even more options, so while the game will have more depth than any other game we have seen at release, there is already even more finished content. The game itself has more depth than seen in a long long time. If anything it reminds me a bit of Star Wars Galaxies (The raph koster one, not SWTor), but it is also more than that. It is a European’ised Asian game meaning its visually not Lineage or Tera – but somewhere between those and western games. For example when it comes to housing you can build Asian style buildings as well as European style. It will sound like a pretty big statement, but this is a game to tries to do everything, and I will go through some of the areas below to give a better understanding of what we are going into.

Character building

Character building is pretty interesting. There is a number of roles, of which you can have 3 actives at the same time – and the full amount of XP is put into any active role. You have a character level and a role level. If you never change roles you will be character level 50 and the 3 roles at lvl 50 at the same time – but you can change as you go. For each role there is a number of active skills and passive skills. Taking a skill costs a skill point, which mean that at level 50 you have 23 skill points to divide on 70’ish skills, creating a lot of diversity options and tactics since different skill combos giving synergy.


PVP comes in many ways, and while it is not full loot and open PVP – the system is actually really cool. Endgame PVP is also something that have sieges. Contrary to Darkfall sieges are capped at 50-70 players on each side plus option to hire 10 additional helpers from another guild (unconfirmed, but part of their siege presentation). Owning land means you get taxes from the players living there plus other advantages. Arena PVP is also happening, with global scoreboards but this is currently not something we know a lot about since the rewards was closed down due to being to powerful in Alpha, but its there. Zone PVP is a interesting concept since all level 30+ zones can be in different states. Basically it starts as “wary” which means that PVP can happen, and the more killings there is the higher danger level the zone gets until it gets to all out war stage where you get honor points for killing (which is a gear currency ). The war is the time where you can pvp and peacetime is where no PVP can happen, until it goes back to wary (or something like that). This change the landscape a lot since you generally want to group unless its peacetime (Or you are strong enough to handle getting jumped).

Trade route PVP

A new concept is trade-routes, which ties PVE and PVP together. A way to earn central currency in the game (and gold), is to do trade routes. Basically you craft a specialty good, that depending on quality might represent a large amount of work to make. You then put it on your back and carry it to your destination. Later in the game this destination tends to be on the enemy continent, and you also have to sail on the way to get there. If you die, you lose the pack and it can be looted. This opens for piracy where you simply attack the enemy boats and is a lot of fun and really well made. You often gather groups to do these runs, which adds to the risk but increases chance of success. Large guilds even go the whole way of first visiting the enemy zone where they want to deliver goods. Then they simply lock-down the zone and kills anything until it gets to the war stage. Once the war is over, peacetime starts and then you do your trade-run so you are only at danger at sea. Lots of different tactics involved, and seriously interesting.


Obviously the game has PVE and while we don’t totally know everything about endgame farming it is clear that some needed resources are only really gotten through farming, while others through harvesting. We haven't even seen all the options yet, but just the other day we saw a major guild taking down a world boss with a special crafted item that converted the boss into a pet for one player once It got far enough down in hit-points. This pet is permanent of course, and can fight for you (we don’t know how well).


Housing is a massive part as well, and you can get a LOT of different types of houses, and get all kinds of interiors and/or crafting stations inside etc etc.


Crafting – the evolution

Some real innovation have taken place here, where the approach is a “farm” approach. Basically you can place one or more farms (at a cost ), and in those farms you plant , sow, raise a lot of different things . It can be Cows for milk, cotton for fabric, flowers for alchemy, trees for ships/houses and so on. There are at least 100 different things you can grow. Everything you plant will have a timer to grow to the finished product and when its done you just harvest it and then you have your mats. This is the alternative to classic Harvesting, and it might sound weird in the start to listen to seasoned pvp’ers talking about planting trees or having to harvest their cotton – but it is pretty awesome. Crafting gear-sets is also new, and everything starts with the basic set, and then you upgrade it consuming the previous item. Every time you upgrade you have a chance to increase rarity of the item (classic white,green,blue,purple,legendary). This also gets kinda deep since you might have a lvl 50 piece that is only Green – do you start the whole process over or accept it ? There are lots of choices, and so many crafting options. In fact many larger guilds simply have crafters and farmers as a specific group, because this part of the game is exceptionally deep. For example trees planted in a specific area where there are thunderstorms can get lucky and the lightning strikes into them creating a thunderstruck tree, which gives you thunderstruck logs – which again is used for rare gear.


You have labor points which is points you spend when doing things on your farm, Crafting things, opening chests and so on. Labor is a fixed resource that replenishes with time, and is a whole world in itself to learn.

Breaking the law

If you are not at war you might commit crimes, and you might kill own faction or uproot planted stuff and other transgressions. One hilarious part of the game is that you get "crimepoints", that adds a increasing risk of getting send to trial when you die. When you are at trial you get teleported into a courtroom along with 5 players acting as jury. If you accept jury-duty you also get summoned and then you see the penalty range for the “criminal”, and he will try to speak his case. This is hilarious to follow, and the jury can let him go from all charges, or sentence him to actual jail time with a time frame depending on how many crimes he committed. Highest I've seen is around 45 minutes, and its pretty cool except when you are on a dungeon run and a group-member gets sentenced to 15 minutes in Jail. The trial is in public chat so you can do yours to get him sentences or release – all new and fun. All in all, it is a game with a lot of individual options, a lot of depth and even after 3-4 weeks of playing there still is so much we do not know , and surfaces we just scratched. It has everything we want from a Maingame, and we currently have 10-12 actives who are trying to learn the game and find the right plans and strategy for release. A few days ago we joined a major US guild to get into the large scale experiences as well. A release date is not put up, and we expect August to be the launch. The moment we know the Launch date we will go into full preparation mode. It really seems that this is a game aiming really high, and simply looks to be succeeding. There are massive carebear elements and pure crafters like Makeme loves this, house-builders and traders have a home they love, Daze will once more get carried by his awesome dad – and most importantly some of our most dedicated PVP’ers like Decay and Evoke are probably the most hooked players we have due to the pvp elements, and everything that comes with it. All the oldschool guild are here as well, and they will also go all in here like The Mercs and PRX and plenty of other old names. It is gonna be free 2 play, so those unsure can just try it like that – but if you plan on playing it and starting out to bring the SUN to its rightful throne we recommend prebuying to get the 4 day headstart since strategic placement of your initial farm will be needed for our initial "landgrab". We could go on because there really is so many things to do, but the main message is that we have found our next maingame, we want the SUN to shine again and we cant wait to see you guys join in for the fun. I have played for a couple of weeks, and to be honest the game just grows on you as time goes by and you understand and learn more and more about all the depth and options this game provides. Keep in touch with the ArcheAge Forum, and expect a news rush once the release date is announced. Its been years since our last go, and now a competitive MMO finally is here again – do we still have what it takes to be on top ? See you in ArcheAge

Frank Sinatra, Travis, Makeme, Schlachter. Innocent defendants, Fair Jury members, permanent max sentencers unless an innocent SUN is on the stand.