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You know the feeling.


Launch day.

The feeling of getting the band back together.

The understanding that logic would dictate that the first month of a game launch doesn't really matter since a game runs for years, but where logic is overruled by the knowledge that there is nothing more important than launch month.

Like any other predator in the world you get the taste of blood, the feeling of kills to come and the exhilaration of hunting with friends, enjoying the jokes, the drama, the e-peen, the whines and the fails that comes along.

Wearing the SUN tag means that you will have a home. You will be expected to perform, and expected to take care of yourself while also being part of a team. We will hunt with you, we will share our life, dreams and failures – but we will not be holding your hand.
Playing Launch in SUN includes the expectancy that within the first month, SUN stands out as a top performing guild – probably combined by being hated on by the majority of guilds.

We have showed this over and over again, Latest in Darkfall where our spot in the history books are secured, and in SWTOR where we leveled up and cleared all content within 3 weeks. Before that It has been seen in any conflict related games like Ultima Online, Asherons Call, Shadowbane, Everquest, WAR, Dark age of Camelot, City of Heroes et cetera.
You will be part of writing the next chapter of SUN’s history, and it will be grand.

Initially the goal will be setting up shop, get pvp groups going and dominate fights and endgame content. Once the Guild conquest part is opened, which is expected to be after 2 months like the Russian servers, we will aim for being a top guild in the guild wars part. This requires a certain amount of members, but fortunately these fights have capped numbers which mean we can rely more on skill and less on numbers. As we know it currently, the cap is set to 40 which means we will aim for a active playergroup of 60 players. (battleground +20)
There are massive guilds out there with several hundreds (and in a few case thousands) of players, but while it gives the additional access to resources, it does not directly influence the actual guild fights which is something we will benefit from.


Recruitment open.

We are opening up for recruitment as this is a new SUN maingame, and there are 2 ways to join the guild in Archeage.

1. Joining with sponsors.
If you would like to join SUN for Archeage, and you have 2 current members who will sponsor you, apply through the forms on the public forum – and you will be fast-tracked.

2. New member without sponsors
If you would like to join SUN for Archeage, but don’t have any sponsors.
If accepted you will be on a initial trial for up to 4 weeks, where you have to find 2 full member sponsors. Your trial will be terminated after 4 weeks if you do not have 2 sponsors at that time, or immediately if the officers gets very negative feedback.


We have NOT decided on Server, and we have NOT decided on Faction yet. It is LIKELY that we choose the east faction , but server choice probably wont be communicated until the very day of launch.

Now is the time to put money on the relationship account. Buy flowers, make food, go that extra mile to make your significant other happy, stock up on microwave food and beverages, get the numbers and menus for restaurants bringing food out, Cancel and move meetings, dust of the Fans in your gaming chassis, clean the piss bucket below your gaming desk, move your bed to your gaming room, Caffeine pills, order massage one hour a day at your gamer chair, rent a 4g broadband backup stick, revisit your “never go offline macro”, buy 2 weeks holiday on Mallorca for your significant other + friend/lover.


“We don’t do this because its easy, we do it because it is hard.”  - JF to the K.


If you have any questions, then use the Archage forum if you have access, contact me if you have questions , and follow the recruitment procedure on the public forum if you want to join the ride.

Hugs and kisses, and a little cup’n’feel


Frank Sinatra SUN