Chillin wit me Julie... west side!

Another couple of weeks passed by, another fun game, BattleField1942, has made us waste alot of time outside Andred, and what a great game indeed... in a few weeks we'll have the full version!

Furthermore people are testing AC2, less promising, but let's hope Turbine does their magic and makes a fun game when it comes out this winter... If it's interesting enough we'll ofcourse make sure the people on the pvp server knows that SUN is the quickest way to vitae penalty!

Back on Andred things are looking kinda dull, or maybe not. A few nice events and people getting tired of AC2/BF has given SUN a little revival on Andred - let's keep it up and a big shout out to my bitch Dmitry for keepin it real with the events. BO!



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Dark Age of Camelot