AC by Elvis

Let's tilt the cow!

After UO a few of the SUN's, Simkin and Cassie started playing Asheron's Call. A few other people joined them, Cloud and myself included.

We started out on Frostfell, but not long after that Simkin and Cassie started playing on Darktide, the pk server. Eventually we all ended up there, joined by Cicero, Zunk, Seroc, Blaren and Imm, and eventually Frank also joined us. Starting out we just tried to survive, Darktide was and still is very tough, since there are no rules and no safety. We played till midlevels, then a few people decided to quit AC, and the few who were left became a part of the largest monarchy on the server throughout the history of Darktide, Blood. Here we joined up with other danes, Niller, Bullseye, Miral, Daszoeb, Wind of Terror and Wind of Fear. In Blood we had lots of fun, more or less dominating the towns and levelspots, and the challenge began to slowly fade away.

Simkin and Cassie stopped playing on Darktide, and Cloud and I (the only 2 SUN members still playing AC) left Blood with Daszoeb and Miral, trying to get more challenge soloing around a bit. After a while some joined Blood again, and others, including myself, joined the Joy of Villainy guild, an honor pk monarchy - MANNER PK ^^ if you will - which later allied with Blood, and then we were all back in the good ol' action. Once again we were a part of dominating the server... At this point, Simkin, Cassandra and Cloud all played on Solclaim alongside some old UO friends, FZuul and Deity.

Bully tilting cows


Back on DT we got to know a few new people, Sefirah and Venefica/Ekata, planning to make their own devastating monarchy, and Great Cornholio, core member of Alberon Mindeater. Also the webdesigner gods from Fyn, Khael Fierson/Vim Fuego and Tremaine Darkthorne also showed their leet skills, so after a few more months in JoV, and after taking a few tough decisions, SUN (or what was left) decided to quit JoV, this time in a serious attempt to make SUN a powerful force of its own in AC.

So the SUN rose once again, this time joined by Simkin, Cassie and our new friends... this great webpage came along, and we tried to build a small powerful guild, controlling small towns and focused on raids instead of leveling. If you ever played AC you'd know that's bound to go wrong, since you can't have any XP chains in a small guild, and since there's virtually no level cap in AC (126 - noone has reached that on DT.. yet). After all levels and numbers are a big factor in most online games, especially AC.

So after a while of hanging out in Eastham / Al Arqas, SUN decided to join Blood, to be a part of the serverwide control once again. A few more people quit AC and moved on to DAoC, but if you visit Al Arqas, there's still a fair chance to get your butt kicked by Great Cornholio, Genericbisquit, Sefirah or Tremaine.


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