DAoC by dwn

A round of Firstborn love

This is a follow up to Elvis' story about SUNs early days in DAoC, so if you haven't read his wise words yet I suggest you go ahead first.

You could say SUN has been represented in DAoC three times. The early days, mentioned by Elvis, the second round shortly after the Andred-Mordred merge which didn't last long. Finally we made a strong presence later on. Actually a lot of us had been busy in Shadowbane and SWG meanwhile, but those are different stories.

In between the three phases the name had been kept alive by a few players. The first people coming back to DAoC joined up with a guild known as Tanz der Teufel. There weren't enough people around to restart SUN and a lot of people needed new characters. At this time we were probably between 8-10 players playing more or less casually.

At some point, there was a large rush in of players and SUN started for the third time. While some tried sticking to their old characters, others needed new characters and the leveling continued. Trials of Atlantis had been released since our last round and balance had shifted. It's safe to say that we got our ass handed. I remember a time we were running around with 2 full groups and getting owned – literally – by some of the regular 8 man groups.

Some SUNs


We improved a lot though, and after gaining a lot of experience, lots of artifacts and lots of realmpoints we were once again roaming the pk areas of ToA, Hibernia and Albion. I'd say we had a good 3-4 months period where we were fighting with the top. We were back on track beating the top guilds, the ones that previously were able to defeat us even though we outnumbered them.

All good comes to an end though. It's no secret that SUN isn't a PvE guild, and there was a damn lot of it in DAoC. ToA was simply one huge PvE expansion with rewards needed to compete in PvP. When most guilds started to increase their ML levels from 2-3 to 8-10 we decided it was enough. We couldn't be assed to do all this PvE and members simply started dropping.

That being said, I think it's safe to say a lot people learned that SUN is very competitive while we have immense amount of fun. I recall one of the few ML raids we bothered joining, where people joined our ventrilo and we gave them a round of Firstborn love. Those people were never quite the same after that.


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