Le Summertime!

Time to lift the recruit stop and announce a few new guidelines..

This monday, we're gonna start recruiting again, with a new level requirement of 30+, meaning new members joining us on andred need to be lvl 30 and get 2 sponsors before you can join.. The reason for this is mainly because it's pretty tough to be under lvl 30 in SUN, and nearly impossible to catch up.

Don't email us about membership before monday.

Remember recruits cannot sponsor anyone, only full members can. It's stated pretty clearly in the members section who are recruits and who aren't.

About AC2. We're currently testing AC2 Beta, and will probably be playing it, if the pvp servers there will be anything like good ol' Darktide.. Feel free to stop by our channel #sun-ac2 on stratics!

Y'all have a good summer now!



Asherons Call