Okay, site is up and rolling, phew :)

YAY! Thanks alot to Vim Fuego and Tremaine Darkthorne, who made this incredible site! It's almost running at full power, only a few things are missing here and there, soon some new music stuff and maybe a few more UO stories will be updated... Otherwise, i'd just welcome you to our new site, you're always welcome to come say hi on our mIRC channel. (Thats #sun on irc.stratics.com).

Aaaight, furthermore, on Darktide we're almost settled as a guild of our own, we just need to get off school/work and get some vacation so we can kick everyone's asses this summer, oh and White Morph / Al Neo and the rest of the Angeldust guys, I just lost all respect for you guys tonight.. If you ever kill anyone 1on1, let me know, cause you guys are just fucking pathetic...



Asherons Call