Saturday Night Gathering Recap

Last saturday night gathering had a large turnout, with about 25 people who ended up packing themselves into Frankie's apartment for a night of drinking and fun. I had a wonderful time and it was good to see old friends, as well as to meet new SUN's.

Frank Sinatra shares his feelings of the event in a post he makes in the Asheron's Call forum :

"The evening started with a lot of talking and drinking - then came some drinking games :) in the main room it was eq jeopardy - where Cloud,jha goose and Tobias tried hard to get in - but it really had helped to know a bit about eq.

The other room discussed Ac, and also played some drinking games :).

later on it became Movie jeopardy with a lot of people and a lot of laughing.

Cloud managed to fall through a door and make my whole television/video etc chrash to the floor. For some strange reason nothing got destroyed, but i did give him a punishment -provided by the swedes :)It was a lot of fun, people got really drunk and it was so nice to talk to everyone once again.

At 2am we went to ludvigsen where we continued the drinking until 5 where it closed. Then we went to lurblæseren (imagine that) and tried to drink some more -but it was getting really hard.

i left with the sweded at about 7am, but there still were a few left at that point.

All in all it was a great night, and i think all had a good time.

I can see that SUN has a few problems in ac, a topic we also discussed that night. And the problem is that ac isnt really geared for a guild like sun where you dont have members in the hundreds (or even thousands).

Im counting on Sun being a major factor again in Daoc, and i look forward to play with those who will end up there :)



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