SUN News

I'm glad to announce that we have once again started to climb up the top 25 on The Camelot Herald. It hasnt been more than a couple of days of heavy
Yeah thats right. We are still going strong on Mordred. Items, levels, 1-char-focus has all helped. But never the less we are starting to kick some
It seems our destiny has brought the SUN back to Camelot once again. A mix of swg and old sunners have reactivated their Camelot accounts. I estimate
As we've moved to new games, the great webbie Khael has added new games to the member section. Everyone in SUN should get to work on adding new chars
Thanks to Frank and everyone for a fun x-mas party, what a blast.. It was the day Cloud finally found his hat, and i found my glasses! (Thanks to TEH
Does a nigga need a vassal? We could use some more sun in chilly Denmark these days, which brings us to another hot topic, Le Christmas Party! Mr
Another couple of weeks passed by, another fun game, BattleField1942, has made us waste alot of time outside Andred, and what a great game indeed...
Lots of fun is happening in daoc, so much fun we've gotten quite a few new members.. Welcome to Willop, Pyros, Sonic, Grisu, Nada, MidGard, Leoric,
It's time for what we've all been waiting for - the pvp server comes up tomorrow, and there will be lots of people who need to get killed.. over and
Due to the latest evens, there's going to be a few changes in the council and regarding recruiting. I (Elvis) am going to be in charge of recruiting
Tuesday evening we had a council meeting where we discussed the current topics, and made the decisions regarding the things we have been discussing
In case you have been on another planet the last week, i can inform you that SUN did a guild only raid sunday where we took two keeps by ourselves,
Last Sunday we had another Rl meeting in casa de Sinatra. The turnout was about 20 members, and it was fun to see a few new faces.We discussed some
If all dont know SUN now has its emblem, Woot! If youre lvl 20+ you can go to the emblemeer in JH and hand in a cloak or shield and youll get it
DAOC is now officially released in the US, and most of us will get our hands on the game friday. A few updates on recruiting and other things posted
We are getting closer and closer to release. In the beta we have a had a really big amount of players trying out the game and various classes.Some
A'ight this is old news already, but the guildaccounts have arrived. All with a Camelot account please join #sun-camelot so we can
Sun has had the priviledge to be one of the 19 guilds out of more than 600 who was accepted for the guildbeta in Daoc. This means that very soon our
Last changes made to the DAoC section, its looking really neat. All AC members should check out the private board - very important stuff going on