From SWG to Camelot

It seems our destiny has brought the SUN back to Camelot once again. A mix of swg and old sunners have reactivated their Camelot accounts. I estimate that we have some 20-25 active players at the moment and we are therefore able to have a little more than 1 group online every evening. We have gotten some new recruits, mostly US-Timezone, which have shown to be great add-ons to our guild so far, and might prove even greater once we get our hands on a keep which we will get some day soon.

This doesn't mean recruitment is closed though, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking to join (no class restrictions, but group based classes have a greater chance of getting into our groups - obviously).As for the SWG crew. Unfortunately not many are left. Roi is currently the man with the plan, so if you have any swg related stuff, suggestions etc, then talk to him.



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