Back in business

I'm glad to announce that we have once again started to climb up the top 25 on The Camelot Herald. It hasnt been more than a couple of days of heavy gaming activity to bring us back up and hopefully this could mean the end of our downtime.

Several people are reaching the RR5 ranks these days, so grats to all of you.There is no doubt that we could still use a couple more players. As I see it we need one more shaman, a couple spreadhealers and possible one or two more people capable of being Main Assists (doesnt have to be new members though).

Speaking of new recruits, I would like to see people come up with suggestions for changes to the Sponsor system. As most of you know, we recently made it harder for people to become full members with a member-poll, but its stil quite hard to even become a recruit. The sponsorship has often been up to debate, so I if anyone has suggestions for an alternative, now is the time to speak up.



Dark Age of Camelot