DAoC by Elvis

Taking keeps singlehanded

SUN started playing DAOC when the game was in early beta. The further the testing went, the more of us joined in, and everyone was excitingly waiting for the supposedly great RvR concept, since beta didn't have any pvp at all.

After the game went retail, some new people joined SUN in addition to the old UO and AC members who were hoping this game would be as fun PVP wise as the old ones...

SUN was the first guild to singlehandedly take a keep on Merlin, and the RVR system was indeed alot of fun at first. But alot of SUNs, being individualists, didn't fancy the mass battles after a while, and decided they didn't really like the game after all...

People started leaving DAOC, but also new ones emerged, some from the woods of sweden, some from the Olms in germany, and others from Kampsax - a fellow danish guild. Through these new additions, SUN grew stronger, both ingame and outside.

Onager in action


After months and months of rvr'ing, the PVP servers were finally announced, and the SUN was shining brightly once again when we started playing on the Andred server. The open PVP we had all hoped for was here at last, although some balancing issues made parts of it very annoying. Mythic added another PVP server, Mordred, and after months of fun on Andred (by far the most fun I've had in DAOC), the population started to decrease, while Mordred's steadily increased.

When the population on Andred was near rock bottom, people were frustrated and SUN was split, some starting over on Mordred, some still holding on to whatever action was left on Andred. The projects weren't able to keep the guild going on either server, and when Shadowbane came out, most people turned their attention away from Camelot.

...but just as you think it's all over ...JUST when you think you're out, they pull you back in!

In the very near future (sep 2003), the pvp servers are going to be merged - something we hoped for in our last weeks of Andred, and so, alot of SUNs have started playing once again, preparing for this merge. So if you think SUN is dead in DAOC, you just might be wrong.

See you on Mordred.


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