You will need sunglasses...

Yeah thats right. We are still going strong on Mordred. Items, levels, 1-char-focus has all helped. But never the less we are starting to kick some serious ass. Id recommend everyone to buy some shades as you're gonne need them when the SUN rolls by.

There has been a small decline in players recently, but we are still running full groups every night and more have shown interest in joining the guild.

Ok, wtf? I wanted to update the picture of the week (year), but lately there has been nothing but UO killshots or a couple swg shots uploaded. Lets see some daoc screens, yesh?

Guild structure

We are currently applying an update to our guild structure which hopefully will improve our decision process. As a result of this, recruits are now to be decided on in a vote (if the boards would work at least), and new gameleaders will be elected (the council does accept bribes!) within a few weeks.

Lastly, for teh danes (and other beer-drinking fewls): SUN beer night on thursday (27th may) - 20:00 at Dubliners on Strøget.

Rock n roll.



Dark Age of Camelot