Merry Christmas and happy new year 2009

Dear SUN's,

Another year has gone for the guild and its been one of the big ones.

The year have been a year full of Darkfall. It's been wild, hectic, but also a manifestation of what the guild is about.

SUN is in the top of the A list when it comes to guilds in Darkfall and that is a pretty impressive thing to do for a old guild like SUN.

With the fame also comes a lot of flames and forum trashing. It comes with the territory, but I think that since its been a while since we had the A game going we also simply need to grow some thicker skin and just ignore the idiots flaming our fine guild :)

SUN is a big guild, both in darkfall but also with our valuable community. Sometimes we get into some internal discussions if certain community members don't want to play the guilds maingame and baits are easily taken. It's very important that everyone understands the real strength behind the SUN members system. We will allways have one maingame where most focus will be but we will also have secondary forums for other games. The strength in this is that we allways keep peoples ties close to SUN even if the maingame is one they don't like, then they will be back for the next. Don't flame each other, but understand that we have these mechanism in the guild to hold on to our members so we know they will be with us in the future.

When Blood transferred to NA, we also got a bunch of great additions from the Blood Euro's which has made us stronger, and many new and great additions have joined during the 10 months the game has been running.

Thanks to the leaders

Normally we thank all the players specifically but this year we will focus on thanking all the leaders of SUN in Darkfall. The size of the game, the size of the guild, as well as all the tasks that is required to be successfull in the game are massive. But people have been there, stepping up and doing tasks to help SUN become the success in Darkfall that we are.

To start with the very beginning we would like to thank Kaylaan, lego and more for the great planning of our day 1 where we secured Calfadar - which still is our main city.
Thanks for Arrakis for making the sun map.

A special thanks to Tsalarian for taking on the task for getting Calfadar build , and taking charge of the guild ressources and tax system for a long long time.

To Al Neo, Decay, Geirku, Grunch, Lego, Meph, Tsalarian and Terror. Thanks for stepping up as leaders in SUN. Without you guys we would be nothing, and we hope you are aware that while SUN is a guild with many kickass members - then you are the ones tying all these strings together making the guild one strong organism that simply keeps being awesome.

To Terror: Nice to have you back and if there is one good thing about Blood leaving us for NA, Then its that it meant we got you into our group again.

But a big "thumbs up" to all the Officers. You made us a success in 2009 and the future is just filled with opportunities and great pvp experiences.

Some Individuals also requires to be mentioned

The big donators Geirku and Stub. Each of you have generally donated more than 10 members donate in average. Thanks!!

Dom UX - For making SUN look good by winning the big 1v1 tournament, and even doing so in a enemy city fighing people in hometurf with city buffs in the final fights.

To Je doe, Eks, Tran for using their l33t skills in useful applications for the guild.

To Khael for hyping darkfall for 7 years and then not playing for the first 8 months. But mostly for the kickass job on the website as well as working on our new secure chat system.

Last but not least to Jaeren for more or less willingly putting your new appartment up for havoc when arranging the 2009 Xmas bash.

It's impossible to say what 2010 will bring, but there will be a lot of pvp for sure, and then it cant be all that bad :)

Thanks for making this a great year for SUN , and we look especially forward to the summer meeting in Germany where we will go into the wood cabin once again.

So from the few of us, to all of you.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

The Sun Council
Frank Sinatra, Schlachter, Travis, Olm Ado