T-48 - Prepare yourself!


we decided the launch will happen at the 12th. So with just two days ahead it´s time to share some thoughts!

As usual prior to a game´s launch SUN´s biggest enemy is SUN´s discussion board . This time it was a lot about recruitment and numbers so these topics are worth a statement.

The truth is that most SUNs - like pretty much everyone else - prefers to run a small tight group of friends. Roaming, having fun, no responsibilities. We like a "don´t care" policy and our best moments are in each others company raiding somewhere, and generally group-based play.

On the other hand we dont like being dictated around. We prefer being in charge of our own actions - and then this all boils down to what Darkfall should be about, and what kinds of experience SUN offers its members.

The answer is that we want our members to be part of everything the game has to offer. We believe that large scale siege warfare is a unique experience and a very cool part of the game. In no universe we like to be pushed around and combined with our own aggresive views on a full loot game playing the game of thrones is the only option for SUN.

Solo play is always possible. Group play is always possible. But Agon´s champions league is about conquest, politics and large scale conflicts. That´s why we play, that´s where we shine and that´s why will take the spot at the steering wheel once more.

SUN is prepared for Unholy Wars. We welcome our new recruits, our old friends from Blood and our new friends from Red Army. Finally SUN´s first goal was agreed upon: SUN will take Mar Shral - and it better be where we expect it to be - and then we take it from there. Time to meet old and new neighbours!