We are home

Darkfall has released and we are fucking loving it

It is a funny thing to feel that you finally found what you were looking for. It is especially a strange thing for veteran gamers to be all jumpy, wanting, needing and doing every single trick they can pull off to be online. It is also very hard to write about the game without having a big smile on your face.

That is, unless you are one of those who havent gotten the game yet.

I would like to clearly state that Darkfall is and will be a huge success. It wont be a huge volume seller like World of Warcraft, it is a niche game that will live an prosper and will do great.

Aventurine is doing everything wrong according to every marketing expert in the world, but never before have you seen so many people throwing hate towards a company who still would love the chance to give them their money :).

The game is not done, but the fundamental parts are. I am surprised and very happy about this, and its sure been a while since ive had the urge to be ingame all the time.

The game has macroing like you know from UO and AC, and imo it's a great thing. Macroers in a guildtown makes it alive, and also give you something to kill/gain when you raid towns where their main force is sleeping or out raiding. It also gives you a drive to be online and in general makes you a part of the game, even in the hours you cant play due to work or sleep.

In short it's here, its fantastic, we have many more SUN's back from the dead than ever before - and this is gonna be one wild ride.

Added to this, the world is simply huge, and while we live our life in a small corner of the world, its insane to think about how big this really is and how many great guilds who are running around here having a blast.

Day 1

Day one was hectic but we managed to pull of a aggressive plan. We all made mirdain chars to hold a kobold spawn with 3 spawns in a crater. We had PK groups on top and bottom and farmers in the middle. There is a 1 hour repeatable kobold quest that gives a lot of gold, and we had a small group doing a troll spawn on the side.

Our first problem was that the price had gone up so we needed 12k instead of 4. However we kept going until we got the guild up, and had some make alfar chars to run to our designated city to guard it. When we had the money we deleted our chars and made new alfar/human chars and ran towards cairn, getting the shard and the city.

Darkfall Chat Taelisar TaKier

City building

Currently we are working on building the city while still taking some time for the pvp raids. It is very clear that this will be a really tough game, but it's going to be a hell of a ride.


Last Sunday we had our first SUNday - this time a 1v1 tournament, where our 2 most active PK's so far met each other in the final - showing some great skills that was a inspiration to us all. Funny enough the same 2 are also the ones we have gotten most "speed hack" accusations about. But why in the world should they use hacks when they can own anyone without.

A big congratulations to Dread Decay for winning the tournament and to his partner in crime Dread Wrath for 2nd place.  The final fight was frapsed and might be made available publicly in the future.

90% of the guild have spend their time working for the guild, and it will be interesting to see if Decay and Wrath can hold the throne when the bulk of the guild begins to take part in the fighting.

Finally a big thanks for Aventurine for building a dreamgame for the pvp players of the world. From now on the frontpage will be updated more frequently with news about current topics in the game. SUN is now a Darkfall guild and we are here to stay.

Greetings to our friends in Blood and the CoCK's. And to everyone else... loot you later.

/Frank sinatra