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This is a starwars galaxies news item, so all the gay loving lineage 2 players, and Carebear Finalfantasy players dont need to read here :)

Soo, whats up - where are we and where are we going.

After the last publish (patch for you non beleivers - who shouldnt read this in the first place Wtf!!?), lots of good new stuff has entered.

The old hard truth that it takes 6 months for a new mmorpg to mature is certainly correct also in Swg.

Personally i took 1.5 months break and came back 3-4 weeks ago. And even though it is still not finished it is way better than just 2 months ago :)

There has been the big City and mount patch.

This means that Sun City is developing for real, For mayor we have Roi - who has done a outstanding job in all of this.Along with Roi a lot of people have done a lot of hard work in terms of getting our city up and running, but no names since i dont wanna forget anyone :)

Sun in Swg has a lot of new names, and not s many old names. On one side its sad to have so many inactive doods, but on the other hand A guild moves on and takes form after its current members - and right now things look fine.

Currently Sun city has the city hall, lots of residents, minefields, Defensive turrets and towers and a large faciton base with recruiters, stormtroopers, atst's and a mission terminal.

In the next months we are adding Cloning facility (important) and a shuttleport (extremely important), bank, cantina and other col stuff.Sun itself is basically 50/50 in terms of combat chars and crafters/merchants - and Sun has the best shops for all to spend their money at with master crafters in all professions.

Most of the fighters are working on getting the famous Jedi slot opened, and this is done by using a extremely rare drop telling you what to do next on your path.

So what is there to do for a combat char these days ?

Lack of content and loot drops have been a major dissapointment for many (me included), but its much better now and it wil get better.

Now there are lots of different rare drops you can get for the crafters (ya i know, but they sell for a lot of money so you can use the money for the uber items), there are the famous Holocrons you use for the jedi path, and then there are extraordinary and legendary drops and other good stuff.On top of that you have the faction wars, and guildwars. with more events coming - like a all on all guildwar. (check

Profession balancing is next on the devs program along with implementing vehicles.

But i think that first and foremost this game now has a thing ive missed in games for a long time , which is a sense of belonging.

It might be because of the very cool core of Suns who has been hanging in there in the rough times i dont know , but strolling down Sun city after a Krayt dragon Hunt seeing the life in the city is just plain cool.Its not perfect, but hell what is ?. Its a place to be, and its fun - and will be even more fun in the future.

And honestly its much better playing a 85% game instead of waiting for a 100% to get published in 1 years time (which of course will show up not to be what you hoped for :) )So SUN is alive and well, and i think we all are very exited about how Sun city will end up being....

As a side note.

We have a serious lot of inactive players. If someone havent logged on to the main site for 6 months they will be deleted as members on the page.May the Holocrons be with you.



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