Call a GM

A DK + a few XtC/Undead mingled in the mix = one helluva disaster

Well thanks alot Zaradar.. because of you just felt the NEED to use some kind of bug to flag people grey in town today and get them g wacked, Xzibit felt the overwhelming urge to call a GM concerning the matter.

Now not just any GM shows up to Xzibit's desperate page for help.... (Drum roll please) .... but GM Cochese! After GM Cochese says very gravely he is very sorry but he can only ban Zaradar for 24 hours, Xzibit replies with a quick "Fuck you".

BAM! Xzibit is jailed :(:(:(.

Dagger feels a need to avenge poor Xzibit's honour, and quickly makes a request out to the GM Gods. Who should respond but... Dadum ... GM Cochese? After a quick but fruitless conversation Dagger snaps at GM Cochese to "Fuck off" as well. GM Cochese retorts "Welp now you can take that smart mouth and join your friend."

BAM! Dagger is now sharing a cell with his horse.

But have no fear! Lady Cassandra is here! Cassandra Hope can be seen in UO tonight paging the GM Gods in order to plead her friends out of trouble and help defend. But who should show??

None other then GM Cochese :):):) (Cassie is STILL washing her mouth out with soap for this one).

"Cochese suck a d*ck, where is my dear Dagger and Xzibit??" .

GM Cochese becomes so stunned it takes a moment before Cassandra finds herself entrapped in the lonely coldness of a cell.

Doooh, in the penalty box for 24 hours :/.

Savante-UDL- decides, this is insane! So he proceeds to page a GM and receives a wonderful response from .. GM Cochese! Now because he was kind enough to mention our names to GM Cochese, the last words Savante hears as the cell door is being shut is GM Cochese muttering .. "hope they're worth it ...".

I am going to KILL you guys.

Cassie sends out her deepest, warmest, most heartfelt regards to her favorite GM (don't they look like darling little Eskimos in those parkas??).


Cassie the Fugitive

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