Cassandra meets Zargar

Cassandra Hopes first meeting with me (Zargar). She has written it in a roleplay-style :). You'll need some popcorn for this one

OK I know I promised this to you Zargar, this is a bit of an amusing story about when I first met you that I still laugh about when I think about it sigh I don't think I'll ever be able to live it down... it's also one of my first experiences with Chub Toad in battle .. I added a bit of roleplaying to it to kind of give it a bit of spice :)

And so we begin... to a time long ago.. before the infamous Team DK rose to their heights of power... and Mob Justice existed to provoke fear in the lands of Britania...

It began as an ordinary day for me as I slowly and relunctantly left the warmth of my bed. I gasped as my toes touched the cruel coldness of the wooden floors as I warily rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Opening a window, I cringed as the sun showered rays of golden light into my small cottage. Grumbling words of protest, I kicked my cat Baby out of the way and set out to make myself a meager breakfast.

My gaze fell open my new dress that lay slung over a wooden chair. As the sun danced upon the material, the gown seemed to come alive with the electricity of an emerald. With much pride in my heart, I gently touched the soft material. I let my mind wander as my fingers absentmindedly slipped over the green velvet and delicate lace trimmings that adorned the gown..

This dress was by far the most beautiful I had ever seen, let alone possessed. I realized with an awe that my life had gone through many changes in the last few days. Xzibit BT had proposed marriage ... and the impact of this still left me stunned (Though the uo engagement was later broken off due to RL problems :) Xzibit was a dangerous and hated man who had aquired an over 50 k bounty on the price of his head. I was fascinated and afraid of this man who had pledged his love for me. He was my fiance ... and this green garment represented the guild we strove together to uphold...

XtC had emerged.

I quickly shook myself from my thoughts when I heard a commotion outside. Quickly I slipped on the gown, hastily smoothing my hair back. I sighed and cursed under my breath, slipping a ribbon in my long unruly red locks in an attempt to tame them. Whatever was going on outside didn't sound good, and I was never one to hesitate when excitement was to be found. This was not to be the first, or even close to the last, when "Curiousity killed the cat" so to speak :(

I was to learn that one of XtC's enemies, at that very moment, was perched upon the Britain bank roof. XtC was preparing for battle and I was eager to jump right into the action. Being an accomplished archer, I quickly gathered my Xbow and bolts along with a few added reagants. With unusual speed I gathered up my skirts and raced to Britain bank.

I was not prepared for what I was about to face.

I saw a man named Zargar in enemy colors, standing over the corpse of one of my dead guild mates. Mustering my courage, I teleported onto the bank roof and immediatly took aim at this man's heart. Zargar casually turned around as he became aware of my presence. A slow, amused smile curved his lips as he turned to me and said .. "Hello Cassandra"

I paused.

Who was this man? Did he know me? Did I know him? I saw he was in Mob Justice uniform and my mind quickly tried to recollect if we had met before. My eyes drifted to the corpse of my brother XtC who lay crumpled on the ground. Should I attempt to loot his belongings? Should I rush this enemy and take him head on? My decision came as quick as my thoughts raced and I let my first bolt fly. It hit hard and true .. but it was too late.

Quick as lightning Zargar was upon me, and I felt the stinging blows of the powerful pitchfork he wielded in his hands. Once, twice, three blows from the fork, they were coming faster then I could slip off even one more shot from my bow. The pain was excruciating... Mercifully darkness claimed me as my weapon slipped from my fingers and I fell to the ground.

As I sought out the healers in an attempt to heal my wounds, shame overcame my heart at how fast I had fallen and how easily I had embraced death.

All becomes black (servers down!!!).

I find myself once again in Britain. I can't believe my stroke of good luck, it is as if all I have experienced was a horrible nightmare. I quickly make up my mind to leave town and seek safety, my foolish mistakes had all ready cost me my life once. I proceed to run to the bank in an effort to find a rune to the safe sanctuary of my home. But as I'm rounding the bank corner, the sweet comforting thoughts of home warming my weary soul...

I stop dead in my tracks.

Zargar and Chub Toad are sitting outside the bank and all thoughts of home quickly vanish. I immediatly turn on my heels and flee blindly to the nearest building that resembles safety.. ..inside the artists guild. With one desperate glance over my shoulder, I see Zargar has been alerted to my presence. He quickly nudges Chub Toad and both turn in the direction I am feebly trying to make my escape.

I rush in the artist's guild and slam the door shut as they follow in hot pursuit. Frantically I scan the room. With a sinking heart I realize there is no where to go.. and no where to hide. Panic wells in my throat as the door opens and Zargar and Chub Toad quickly surround me. I realize death is once again inevitable as they unleash their pitchforks into my sides. I struggle for my life but become too weak from the burning pain delivered by this attack... It is not long before Zargar and Chub Toad lower my broken body to the ground.

I curse softly as I find myself yet again seeking out the healers... By this time I'm muttering just about every obscenity and vulgarity I can think of Adorned in a death robe, I retrace my steps back to the bank. I use what little reagants I had stored in my account to teleport myself up to the roof. Frusteration burns my soul as I feel the overwhelming bitterness of defeat.

"Cassandra..." I hear someone whisper softly, jolting me from my thoughts of self pity.

I scan the shadows and become badly shaken as I recognize Zargar hidden almost directly in front of me. I immediatly back away ,confused as my anger is replaced by sudden fear. The fresh blood of my brothers stains his face but yet he makes no moves to advance towards me. Even as his eyes dance with laughter there is a certain gentleness disguised in their depths.

Without another word he discreetly slips me a tiny gold ring and vanishes.

You know Zargar, I was deeply touched and I really appreciated the thought But I lost that same ring to Chub Toad about two days later :PP

There was a reply to this post from Sarv, and Cassandras story continues in a reply to that one:

Well Zargar was never in SUN I don't think. Though he worked and played at the cafe with Frank etc. Speaking of the cafe, here is a really funny part to the whole incident I described in the post above (Besides the fact Zargar was forever labeled "The Psycho With the Fork" after that :PP).

The very next day after all this happened, Xzibit (my uo fiance at the time) and I went to Trasher BT's online wedding. Well one of Zargar's friends from the cafe was attending the wedding as well. So Zargar's real life friend from the cafe and Xzibit were chatting ingame. Apparently Zargar came into the cafe in the middle of all this.

All of a sudden Zargar's friend (I'm sooo sorry but for the life of me I can't remember your name) turns to me and says "Zargar wanted me to ask you if you liked the ring."

I've never seen Xzibit's head snap up so fast in my life as he screamed "WHAT?! What ring???".

Doooooh. I think this was about the same time Xzibit challenged Zargar to that one on one ...

RoFL... I'm sorry.. like I said.. I don't think I'll ever quite get over this ;).

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