Chub Toads Top 5 lists

Chub Toads Top 5 lists

TOP 5 Roleplayers of DK

5) Travis
4) Travis
3) Travis II
2) Travis the thief
1) Sell Stuff (Look at the name for christ sake)

One of the deadliest char

Faldrin with full mana.

The weakest char

Faldrin with no mana - he always wears full plate and a war mace with 12 in dex. I can shoot 3 times with a heavy xbow for every time Faldrin swing.

The best DK townfighter

Zargar when not in chatmode. The worst fighter ever: Zargar in chat mode. Being hit by 5 five people i called Zargar for help (he was next to me in occlo) ill be there in 5 min i am chatting.

Top 5 spellers in DK

5) Simkin (well its not his spelling as such. More that nobody knows what hes writing. We thought it was his keyboard at home was fucked up, but no no. also in Mekka. So if you ever think that what Simkin writes are only for danish eyes forget it. We dont get it either. DO you undestand what 'oi f hoi' means?

4) Syvhaar
3) Syvhaar
2) Syvhaar
1) Syvhaar

TOP 5 quotes from UO

5) The guard just walked thru my gate. - Me trying to explain to GM why the gated guard killed 52 roleplaying and annoying dreadlord orcs at orc fort.
4) The ancient wurm Cursed me while wearing a wizards hat - figure it out yourself.
3) cant ss wont res dont die.
2 I didnt get the loot - Travis and of course he got it.
1) Thy blow softly - Sell Stuff trying to roleplay an orc at a 1 on 1 tournament.

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