Zargars collection of excuses

YES!! This is what we all have waited for. We have in our search for war encountered many a brave guild, who boasted about their own abilities in the art of warfarring.

These are indeed fine men, but when we confront them with the option of actually accepting our war request, they often have to think fast, if they are not to lose face... Well... Some people think faster than others, and this section of the page is dedicated to those who dont think THAT fast, and who ends up with a Really Bad Excuse!

Xzibit is the one I've harrassed the most to declare on us, and his reasons change as many times as I ask.

  • I will not fight Brugsman and Milaney as they are my neighbours in-game.
  • You have thieves in your guild, and I will not fight you if you steal.
  • Some of our members got into UO second age testing, so we wont declare on you.
  • It is not our fault that you are orange to us, and we are blue to you. We will redeclare as soon as you get a new stone.
  • Ok then, I will declare on you as soon as the server comes up.

Druez the Quick from FSS had the same excuse about us using stealing, but at least he admitted plainly that they couldnt handle a war with us, when we had thieves too :).

Scream II, GM of Empire, warred us for 2 hours and the next day he really took all prices with his excuse for this act:

  • We fought you guys but you used HIDING! Everytime we had almost killed one he just hid from us... We all know that hiding is bugged because you shouldnt be able to hide in combat. We will declare again when you stop abusing the hiding bug!!!

This one really crushed me... I was laughing so much when i received this icq, and i only wish i could retrieve the message to copy and paste it and get the exact wording :):):).

Unknown person of a small fighting guild, bragged to FZuul about how they warred EVERYONE!

Unknown: We used an EZ macro to declare on every single guild on the server!
FZuul: Why dont you declare war on Team DK then?
Unknown: ARE YOU CRAZY?!!!! We declared war on everyone EXCEPT Team DK!! 

I regret that I'm unable to obtain name and guild of this guy, but it was really funny :).

NOTE: This is all meant to be funny, and I hope the persons mentioned here have a bit of selfirony and hold no grudge :) I'm aware that not all of the above has the exact same wording as when it was spoken.


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