First Blood

First human bloodshed

The many treasure hunts, huge monsters chasing me and unbelievable treasures did something to me... After so many years studying the old books and maps to become a good scholar I decided that this wasnt all my life held. I wanted to learn the traits of a warrior as well. I took a firm grip on my mace and held a shield as I had seen the warriors do. With my mind set I started training my fighting abilities on every animal that crossed my path. It didnt take long before I could attack and win over monsters too!

After a short time of training I felt that I knew what I was doing and the mace felt balanced in my hand.... I decided that there were monsterhunters enough out there and that I should fight for a greater cause. I joined a virtue guild. All the scoundrels calling themself Lords and Nobles would some day know and fear my name.

I walked down the main road of Britain, and right there at the the bank stood an enemy! He was of the guild -X- which I had heard so many rumors of... How they killed the innocent, were dishonourable fighters, how they never left the protection of the cities but stayed at the banks to kill any and all they were allowed to... With the sweat starting to run down my back I picked up my mace and Order shield. He still hadnt seen me.... I could still run.... But no! This was exactly the people I wanted to rid Britania of!

I attacked.Charging from around the corner I crushed one of his ribs in a huge swing. This was my first hit against another human being and I was a bit shocked at the sensation it was to see a hated opponent in great pain. It felt good. He didnt turn and run but cussed and pulled out his Chaos shield and kryss. I hit him again but being ready for it this time he parried and almost nothing happened to him. He stabbed me once, twice and I suddenly felt an extreme burning spreading out through my veins. The pain of the poison made me want to die instantly. I unequipped my shield and thanked my own foresight.

I had been at the Alchemyst and bought potions. I drank a potion which instantly cured me and then a healing one which closed the grinning gaps the kryss had left in my leg. I swung at him again and he was suddenly near death! He started fleeing! At first I didnt understand his path... He ran for Lord British Castle! Did he have friends here? Was there an inn where he would be safe? I pursued him but he didnt change his path. To Lord British we went... He made a left turn and then another left turn and ran into the stables trapping himself. With secure slow steps I walked in. Knowing that I was the victor and he had no escape.

"Kitty kill him" he said while smiling.Before me stood a mighty beast. A huge red dragon stood few paces away from me. I was shaking all over but before I had a chance to react the beast was over me.

"NO!" I screamed enraged seeing my victory turn to defeat. With strenght and courage I didnt know I had I ran past the dragon further into the stable swinging wildly at my foe. He was too surpriced to react and with the dragon snapping at my back I finished him off in two fast swings. I immediately bolted for the door pressing my way past the dragon. I felt its hot breath in my neck and could hear it roar enraged that I had killed its master. I ran without looking back, and the dragon pursued me a bit but it seemed unsure about what to do without its commander around.

I went to the main bank to nurse my wounds. Several people had seen my act and congratulated me. I was almost too tired to answer but then a fair Lady rode up to me on her horse. She was clad in thick plate but somehow didnt look like a true warroir.

"Crush the skulls of Chaos" She said handing me a huge magic Hammerpick.

"I will M'Lady" I stuttered feeling the power of the weapon I now held and the look of her eyes from beneath her helmet.

"Fare well" she greeted and disapeard into the crowd. I stood back alone fatigued but encouraged. Returning my attention to my wounds I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to bow for her...

Zargar aka Wood Muffin

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