Parcival complaining

Parcival Complaining

Parcival gave air to his oppinion of us and comp cafes once again. This is from the SDS board.

By Parcival:

I have long think about my words and I will write it now in calm down! Well.. I have seen in one year UO life a lot players which play evil and which have not much fair play! But I never have seen so much poor and unfair guys as in SUN (I mean not all SUNs).

I mean the suns which play now in Team DK (not a good name for this guild because denmark have nice people but on catskills are in team DK some poor childs = I mean the mekka cafe players).

Sell stuff, Sinatra, Nicholas and travis are very unfair players which live only from a direkt 3 MB connection and sit in one room! They must play very strong because they have a so a big advantage and no lag!

They play and had play ever without honor or pity for others and they use bugs! Now I will offficial say that iam as player have really only despise for that little boys! And sinatra, its bad that you use your nice cafe for play so a cowardly unfair game!

In UO you see sometimes the charakter from the players and as example I think really sell stuff have big problems in RL he is a pooor child!


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