Played too much UO

Everyone occasionally get the feeling that they are playing too much UO

Here are a couple of signs you should look out for. This is a small collection of peoples stories, on how they know they've played too much :).

Like anyone else i have the same uo problems in my dayly life. The most common thing for me is if there is something i dont quite hear then i just (in my mind) press alt + J for journal. Somehow it doesnt seem to work and i take myself for being more than average stupid. But there are more signs that you play to much.

  • If people call you frank all the time when your real name is william :)
  • If you are in a fight, what you should not do is to run in a hotel lobby, jump for a bed and close your eyes in hope of a instant logout.
  • If you want to learn something, what you should not do is going around sipping a lot of alcohol instead of going to school.
  • If you kill someone (even if he wears red clothes) the thing you should not do is cut his head of and give it to a policeman.
  • If you go to a funeral, what you should not do is going to the coffin saying OoOooooOO knowingly to the corpse.

This could go on but i just realised there are also the opposite problems: You know you live too much and play to little uo when.

  • When you auto-patch 2 patches when you logon.
  • When you first get killed by a guy with a sword and buckler and then ask everyone for root and silk for ebolt.
  • You feel bad about killing people.
  • When you refuse buying a castle instead of your stone and plaster house because "that is simply to much room for one guy".
  • When you come to deceit and someone actually attacks you when you go grey!!!!

Hmm i better stop here and find some xtc's :).

Too much UO

Bob Khar'Mash (Cloud)

Well.... last friday I was walking down the street, and I saw someone, and his face was grey, and he had a shirt saying his name, with grey text, so i kinda thought 'why not?'. So i started throwing chairs and stuff after him, hoping to kick his ass him and then someone comes and grabs me, i think like 'Damn he paralyzed me' so after a lil' while I got a msg in my head saying 'You can move!' so i broke free of the guy who was holding me, but then some guard came, and took me into his car with sirens and everything, and just drowe away with me, I was like....'WTF! I didn't do anything wrong, - He was grey dammit!'...So then I was at something called a 'police station' it reminded me of LB's castle, and they started asking these questions and told me i couldn't go home so when it got really late i went to bed at that station, luckily, when i woke up, it was friday morning, and i was at home.... denmark had crashed and went back in time, I was like ....Phew, no more npk'in' for me.I have played too much too

Stuck in traffic

Rebecca XTC

Sometimes i am stuck in traffic and curse the lag, and one night i went to a pub and was trying to spot my friends in the crowd and thought 'um i better do allnames'... bad signs :).

I have played too much too

Savante -UDL-

A friend cracked a joke once and in mid-laugh I yelled ROFL (sounds like row-full). He looked at me like I was insane.Another time a few of my friends were over my apartment watching a football game while I was playing UO. They said "you gotta see this play" and my response was, "Not now! I got 2 DK on my ass!" Lets just say, they looked at me like I should be in a clinic somewhere.

LOL take a load of this then

Devin 9/17/98

This is no shit i had a 2 month break bc my accout got blockd this i think was pritty good bc i was on my way home from mekka one day just before i had my break and i am walking pritty tired i was and i see this black spot on the ground, the first thing that popped in to my sick head was hmm nice a black pearl way out and some times when i was sleeping here at mekka i would speak in my sleep mabye yelling to travis or sell @stand still so i can heal u@ they made alot of fun about that so after my break im somewhat normal again! :).

This is actually true... There was a time where Devin always talked in his sleep yelling for us to heal him etc etc :):):) -Zargar.

I seriously play UO too much man no joke

Smack XTC

Damn the other day this kid in school had a laser pointer and for a second i thought about killing him to loot his pen hehe then i thought oh wait...damnit this is rl. And like everyday 2 times a day at least i almost yell out LOL then i realize nobody knows what that means :D.

I just remembered another time

Rebecca XTC

This spring... I was going to work. I park my car and a bird starts chirping on a tree, and I literally jump and think "Oh no, a blood elemental!" I am not kidding... for a moment I was really scared. I just felt so stupid later.... :).

Jha is affected irl too


Everybody is going on about how too much UO affects their lives, so I thought Id just add some of my personal experiences on this.Some time ago I was late for school and I couldnt find my keys, and so the first thing that went through my head was to check my vendor...On another occasion I was going to visit a friend of mine at this new apartment, so I asked him if he would mind making a rune for me, since he lived pretty far from where I live...

I once had a discussion with some friends about which spell we´d choose if we were allowed to choose one spell from UO which we´d be able to cast in real life (I know it sounds weird) and some of the more gloomy types agreed that Summon Daemon would be alotta fun, but after some discussion we all agreed that Incognito was the favorite, think about it.

U could cast Incognito and go rob a bank, or people with less fortunate faces could cast Incognito before going on a date (!) there is no limits to the abuses of this spell, were it to be transfered to real-life (another thing we found out was that we all had a few people who we´d like to give the old para, explosion, cor por, corp por, corp por).

Thats it for me, remember, UO is just a game.......... =þ.

More will undoubtly be added to this list, as i bet the stories are without end :). We're all fucked in the head. - Zargar.

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