Rebeccas statement

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Rebeccas statement about how good she is at UO to confused readers: This post was made in irony, so dont go flame her.

Hey Cicero, I was just having a look at your board and wanted to tell you that I rule and you suck! I wanted to mention to you that time that

I cast 3.65 ebolts at you for a total of the square root of 15.5k in damage and you must suck because then you cast 5 lighting bolts (and when i say this i mean lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt) and you didn't crash so obviously you use some 4th party program, something like windows95 I guess.

Anyway I survived and I only had to drink one heal, do you hear me not two not three but one heal, and to do that I opened the backpack and clicked on the potion the yellow one and then I ate a pizza and I was healthy and in a good mood and ready to fight again and so I cast a para at you and I really rock because I don't open the book but I have it macroed.

All I have to do is hold Ctrl-Alt-Shift and type Buhahaha it's tricky because I have to hold Shift with my nose but I am really good and I rule so I did it so fast that you had only time to do me 29.5 hits of damage go to the bank go afk for a beer and come back, but you had 3 blue healers 2 pink tamers and 1 purple chef on your side now this is cheating.

And you also play from a cafe so you cheat because you are high on caffeine and Danemark is not that far from Amsterdam and we all know about coffee shops in Amsterdam so you cheat you must be stoned off your head .

And anyway you don't scare me so don't think that when you saw on my head you cannot recall from a turnip I was not running away I had just looted a castle and had the backpack full of tables and chairs so I had to go and put them away somewhere and when I came back half an hour later you had gone away you loser. ;).


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