The Spirits

Ciceros story of when he taught a newbie about The Spirits.

Me and Faldrin gated from some town to a dungeon. A newbie followed us and was chocked, cause he didnt know where he was...

It was a boring day, no fights, so i told him we had made the Mysterious Gate by releasing a Djinn from a bottle. I knew Faldrin was hiding further down, cause he was sitting next to me in real life, so i told the newbie that i would give him my last bottle with a Djinn, cause i was on a suicide mission. So i gave him a potion or an empty bottle.. dont remember which... and told him that he should double clikc on it, and yell : "FREE THE SPIRITS!!!".... I had him move further down where Faldrin was hidden with a gate spell hanging. He put the bottle on the ground, and yelled "FREE THE SPIRITS!!!!"

Then Faldrin released the gate, and the astonished newbie, that had just gotten his first lesson in the Ancient Ways of Spirits, jumped through.....

Needless to say he was thankfull, and we were laughing our ass off....


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