Tom Bombadil memories

Just some funny things that happend to me and my friends

Tom Bombadil (yeah the weird fella) has written down some of his golden memories :).


Funny things that happend on our journey through the lands of Ultima Online.

When DoomsDay and MrRed decited to kill me in our Tower and a GM came and put invunrable on me and how MrRed and DoomsDay ran away.

When DoomsDay bought tons of BOOM BOOM boxes from Aleria El'Sars and she told him to put it on a safe place, his thinking of safe places is infront of mine and MrRed's doors. Imagine.

When I accidentally put a vendor inside of the door and I couldnt close the door, MrRed's telephone was fucked up so I asked DoomsDay to help me to protect the house until GM's came online. DoomsDay was at Deceit but he recalled right away, only giving him a few hours killing newbies with Daemons at Xroads, then about 2 hours after I told him to come he ICQ'ed me to come to Xroads to help him 'cause he was overloaded. I ofcourse yelled some nasty words at him, when he finally arrived to our tower, he summoned a daemon and tried to kill me with it 'cause what I said.

When me and MrRed filled our Tower roof with Lord's heads that we had found in some time, and all the people who passed our Tower called a GM cause they thought that we were humiliaiting them, and the GM who ofcourse was a good friend of ours.

Took all our head collection and told us that we could get banned for it.....?!?!When I logged in in our Tower with my newbie archer (hiding), and got kinda suprised seing a Dread Lord Zeumous throwing my stuff around! MrRed told me that he ran inside and killed him! I attacked him being very brave since this char was only a newbie, and my main char was outside and when my life was down to nothing, MrRed's incognito weared off.

When DoomsDay wanted to sell all the crap in our house to vendors, like magic plates with no extra AR rating, ofcourse the first thing he sold was the chest with our Magic ring armor, endless Invuln and Forti ring pieces.

When DoomsDay took alot of things that I loved without iding them, 100 times or more!.

When DoomsDay gave my best plate to Paladin so he could transfer it to me, ofcourse he couldnt wait for 1 hour and sold it to a vendor, thats how he got GM mage, sold all our best magic items to vendors!

When me and MrRed made a quest in Orc Fort near Cove, with endless orcs and ettins comming from the Fort, we were about 6 guys that went there, all died in two seconds besides me and MrRed, we ran up to one of the watchtowers, I brought up 2 ettins after me, so we had to run back down. MrRed made it alone to the other tower, but I ran with 2-3 HP to Cove, then I brought 10 guys with me to safe MrRed where we fought to the death (all but me:)), and we killed alot of orcs but the 10 guys all died, only I got back to Cove again with 2-3 HP.

Now I brought an army with me! Real troopers! When we killed all the orcs, ettins, we were releaft seing the tower where MrRed got stuck, only we forgot the huge army of orcs that were waiting under MrRed's tower, so all died but me with again 2-3 HP.

Then when I finally got back to Cove, and no soul there, I said to myself "FUCK RED, about 30 people have already died for him!", only at the same time MrRed was standing next to me laughing 'cause he ran around us while we were fighting the orcs. Grrrrr.....

When DoomsDay got really drunk at a grill festival here in Iceland and was argueing with his friend, he thought it was very intelligent to pick up a red hot coal with his bare hand and throw it into his friend eye, ofcourse he didnt realize that he would end up on the ground after a several punches.

When I was wearing my first full golden plate on Catskills, and got Guardkilled 'cause I shot a magic arrow at a dishonerable newbie that was annoying me (He ran all the way from Despise mines to Britain) and I was hoping for Paladin to loot me 'cause he was standing on my body!

But at first he started yelling TOM!!! TOM?! Are you hiding? Where are you? And seing all the newbies looting me, then he finally realized what happend and asked, "how did you die Tom?", still not looting my stuff. Then when I ran to a healer and ran back he got my robe, how sweeeeet!

When Me, DoomsDay, Paladin and MrRed were killing PK's at Despise and I got overloaded with stuff after I killed one of them, and when I said to them "come and take some of this stuff" they replied with "Ok!" but ran away, leaving me with 3 theifs at my tail and two PK's running from the other direction, when they finally got back, I was ofcourse not overloaded anymore, thanks to the thiefs we recalled to Brit bank.

Me, DoomsDay and Paladin were still there but MrRed logged out. One of the bags that I gave to DoomsDay before they ran away had key's and a rune in it, he yelled "KEY! RUNE! RECALL!", Paladin recalled, but as I was going to click on the rune DoomsDay picked it up and recalled, they got rich and I was left out but they were so kind to give me the key's and the rune back! Thank you guys!

When I discovered that Nazy's like foreigners from Iceland until I attacked 7 of them alone. Ouch.


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