Tom Bombadil as PK

Tom Bombadils first experiences as a PK

Me (Tom Bombadil) and MrRed agreed on going pk too and then, me, MrRed, DoomsDay and Paladin all bought a small house toogether on the Legendery Xroads! It was our first night as pks toogether, we dressed up, MrRed in red, me in green, DoomsDay in blue and Paladin in yellow.

We walked down to the Xroads and there were allreeady two pks living there named Jack & Grey. We knew them and they were the nicest pks Ive ever seen, everytime they killed someone, they ressed him, gave everything but reags and gold back and gate them to town. Me, MrRed, DoomsDay and Paladin arrived to Xroads. We saw another player named Chris, we had heard of him before, and we knew he was a dread lord as well as we were.

He had two friend standing next to him that we didnt know (back then), Salazar and the other guy had a very funny name, cant remember it. Chris attacked Paladin and shot two Meteors Swarms at him! But in the old days he shouldnt have resisted it even with 92 in resist. But my favor old time trick did it, he lost 10 hp and when Chris saw that two meteors didnt kill him he started to kiss paladin ass and asking for resist etc.

Well still, he also knew us and that we were pks (Salazar said stop they are pks, but Chris said lets kill them anyway).

We agreed to kill him, a few fireballs from 4 did it.

But Salazar and his funny named friend didnt have the guts to attack us (dont blame em:)). So we pked for some time and went home to unload some loot. When we went for the second time to Xroads Salazar and his funny named friend were still standing there and there it came, a magical gate portal!! And out came, 7 Banana Boyz!

So it was Salazar and his funny named friend and 7 Banana Boyx, 9 vs. 4. All I saw were some legs of some ppl above us, all I knew is that me and MrRed used our fireball machineguns and Paladin and DoomsDay used Meteors, then suddenly I saw MrRed and Paladin die right besides me! I was out of mana and started looting them, then I saw that Chris came back! He ran towards me but ran back again :).

Where is DoomsDay? If anyone hunted with DoomsDay you know what I mean, quakebot, cant stand still runs around kills, loots plate legs, attacks next guy, hes a freaking robot.

I didnt take any changes and recalled with MrRed's, Paladins and some of the Banana Boyz stuff, then after standing infront of our house for 10 minutes MrRed and Paladin came and also DoomsDay, he was alive, we ressed Paladin and MrRed and they told me that we killed all of them!!! On Banana Boy recalled and also Chris he came too late recalled too. I didnt see so many bodies and didnt belive it at first, then DoomsDay said, HEY!

I HAVE A KEY AND A RUNE! So we looted two of the Banana Boyz houses and lived happely ever after.


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